Cash & voucher assistance and gender-based violence resources: what you need to know to choose the right one for the current stage of your work

This one-page guide helps practitioners understand how three complementary resources on support the integration of CVA and GBV prevention, mitigation and response to strengthen humanitarian response. It aims to help users make decisions on when to use each resource at different stages of work and compares:

  • Explanation of type of resource
  • Publication date
  • What area of protection does it focus on
  • What stakeholder is it intended for
  • Purpose of the resource

The three resources highlighted are: "Cash & Voucher Assistance and Gender-Based Violence Compendium: Practical Guidance for Humanitarian Practitioners"

"Toolkit for Optimizing Cash-based Interventions for Protection from Gender-based Violence"

"Protection in Cash-based Intervention Guidance and Protection Risk and Benefit Analysis Tool"

There are hyper link to the resources for the users ease.