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Nowadays, cash transfer programmes are increasingly being used as a viable response in emergency situations throughout the world. “Between 2008 and 2011 humanitarian spending on cash and voucher-based programming ranged between US$45 million and US$188 million. [...] The number of donors funding cash transfer programmes in humanitarian emergencies increased from 6 in 2006 to 21 in 2011, peaking at 41 donors in 2010 in response to the emergencies in Haiti and Pakistan”[1].

On top of the increase in volume, the context-dependant aspect of cash based interventions requires programmes to adopt great flexibility. This results in very diverse programme modalities according to the situation in which they are implemented. Cash transfer programmes have been frequently used in the food security and livelihood sector but is now rising in other sectors such as WASH, shelter or in cross-sectorial interventions.

In this period of increasing use and diversification of cash based intervention, there is a need to globally assess how cash programmes are being implemented. CaLP is developing a cash mapping tool aiming to visually represent the usage of cash transfer programmes at a global level.

The Cash Atlas' aim is twofold :

o By visually demonstrating the use and utility of CTPs across different sectors and contexts, the Cash Atlas will provide a tool that can be used in advocacy to promote consideration and appropriate use of CTP in humanitarian response

o Provide an overview of the use of cash transfer programmes at a global level
o Facilitate access to information on cash transfer programmes
o Enable organisations to link up on projects, exchange and learn
o Enable organisations to assess and compare how CTPs are being used

Key features
o Interactive map representing the number of projects at several levels of information and zoom
o Extractable data at any level allowing users to save and use it
o Contact database
o Graph generation module allowing users to analyse trends
o Restricted access to respect confidentiality in security-sensitive areas
o Available in English, French and Spanish

Key information displayed
o Name of the implementing agency and contact details
o Location, budget and timeline of the project
o Donors
o Sectors and objectives
o Modality, distribution mechanisms and delivery agents

The Cash Atlas is now live !