Camp/site management interim operational guidance for COVID -19 readiness and response

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This document highlights COVID-19 specific considerations in relation to camp and camp-like settings, and is intended to assist in guiding operations where camp/site management5 is being implemented. Although the guidance - structured around questions from the field - is intended for camp/site managers, UNHCR senior managers/ heads of ooffices, field coordinators and other staff (e.g. programme, protection) should be aware of the guidance and the operational implications in order to provide appropriate support, including to partners implementing camp/site management programmes. This guidance should be considered in the context of a broader risk analysis taking into account the protection concerns and other threats to health, security, privacy and dignity of the people living in collective sites.

For simplicity, and in line with the IASC Interim Guidance for Scaling-Up COVID-19 Outbreak Readiness and Response Operations in Humanitarian Situations Including Camp and Camp-Like Settings, relevant locations6 will be referred to as collective sites from hereon in the document. This guidance applies to any any collective location where UNHCR or its partners implement activities, regardless of the formality of such arrangement, or the rural or urban context.