Banning Antipersonnel Mines: A 15-Year Overview of Major Findings 1999–2014


Progress documented by the Landmine Monitor report in the 15 years since the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty’s entry-into-force on 1 March 1999 demonstrates that it has been extremely effective as the legal framework to alleviate the suffering caused by antipersonnel mines. Governments who join this treaty must stop the use, stockpiling, production, and transfer of antipersonnel mines immediately and they must destroy all stockpiled antipersonnel mines within four years.

This document compares the major findings contained in the first annual Landmine Monitor report released in May 1999 at the Mine Ban Treaty’s First Meeting of States Parties in Maputo with the current situation. It draws on findings selected from the subsequent 14 annual editions of the Landmine Monitor report and serves to highlight the work remaining to be done to universalize, fully implement, and ensure compliance with the Mine Ban Treaty.