Attacks on Health Care Monthly News Brief - September 2019

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Burkina Faso

General: Across Burkina Faso, jihadist violence continued to deprive half a million IDPs of access to health care. Source: AFP

Democratic Republic of the Congo

General: In Ebola-affected regions, mistrust of health workers and widespread security issues continued to threaten the fight against Ebola. Source: AP 08 September 2019: In Lubero territory, North Kivu province, suspected Mai Mai militia vandalised and set fire to Makumbo health facility at night. Source: Radio Moto 09-15 September 2019: In Mambasa and Komanda, Ituri province, minor security incidents have affected vaccination and burial activities in the area. Source: WHO External Situation Report 12-13 September 2019: In Uvira, South Kivu province, two unidentified individuals posing as security guards abducted a doctor during the night from the Uvira Reference General Hospital. The doctor was subsequently released a few days later, on 17 September, with wounds on his body. Source: La Prunelle 14 September 2019: A former health minister, who oversaw the national response to the Ebola crisis until his resignation in July, was taken into custody and charged with the mismanagement of public funds dedicated to the Ebola response. Sources: Al Jazeera and The Guardian

15-16 September 2019: In Uvira, South Kivu province, two unidentified armed men reportedly assassinated a doctor at his home during the night. The victim was working at a local hospital run by nuns at the time of his death. In response, all the hospitals in South Kivu province provided a minimum level of service for three days. Sources: Radio Opaki, L’Essentiel, La Prunelle RDC, and Politico. 15-16 September 2019: In the locality of Lwemba, Mambasa territory, Ituri province, civilians reportedly associated with local Mai Mai Simba militia set four health facilities and eighteen houses belonging to Ebola medical responders on fire, apparently in reaction to the death by Ebola of a local Red Cross health worker.
The local community reportedly accused the Ebola response of causing the victim’s death to continue receiving humanitarian funding. In response to the attacks, the Ebola health response in the area was suspended, despite the continued presence of Ebola in the locality. Sources: Radio Moto, Radio Okapi,
WHO, and Al Jazeera 19 September 2019: On the road near Nyaleke village, Beni territory, North Kivu province, suspected ADF militia ambushed a vehicle, killing several civilians and stealing boxes of pharmaceutical products. Source:
Kivu Security 20 September 2019: In Mususa commune, Butembo city, North Kivu province, suspected Mai Mai militia kidnapped a male doctor and two nurses from Vukaka hospital, where they were on duty. The hostages were released separately by the following day. The doctor was reportedly tortured during his abduction and threatened with being killed, apparently in retaliation for collaborating with Ebola responders. Sources:
Radio Moto, Actu30, and 7sur7 21-22 September 2019: In Kibwe, North Kivu province, around ten armed criminals reportedly targeted a local health centre, destroying part of the facility and attempting to abduct a local civilian for his involvement in the Ebola response. The criminals were eventually repelled by local community members, and four of the attackers were arrested and detained at a military camp. Source: Radio Moto 29-30 September 2019: In Biakato, Mambasa territory, Ituri province, a group of around thirty armed men identified as Mai Mai militants attacked a group of Ebola responders at their residence during the night.
The assailants – who were reportedly looking to avenge the death by Ebola of a nurse who they believe was willfully killed by the responders – fled the scene after the rapid intervention of local police officers. No injuries were reported. Source: Anadolu Agency

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05 September 2019: In Gambella region, unidentified perpetrators killed two Action Against Hunger staffers who were returning from the paediatric Nutrition Stabilisation Centre at the Nguenyyiel Refugee Camp. In response, Action Against Hunger suspended full operations in Gambella, but maintained the provision of emergency assistance. Sources: Reuters and The New Humanitarian


25 September (or around) 2019: In Maiduguri, Borno State, Boko Haram executed one of six aid workers it abducted in July 2019. The Nigerian aid workers, three of whom were health workers, were kidnapped during an ambush on their convoy near the Niger border. Source: Al Jazeera 25 September 2019: In Borno and Yobe states, the Nigerian Armed Forces shut down four offices of Mercy Corps amid accusations of aiding terrorist organisations, forcing it to suspend its operations. Sources:
Africa News, France 24, Garda, The Guardian, TNH and Quartz Africa


13 September 2019: Update: In Khartoum, a doctor and activist who was wounded by gunshots during the violent dismantling of a sit-in in front of the army command on 3rd June died from his injuries. Source:
Dabanga Sudan 29 September 2019 (DOA): Update: In an unspecified location, a medical student and activist, who was raped during the violent dismantling of a sit-in in front of the army command on 3rd June, committed suicide. Source: Dabanga Sudan