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Attacks on Health Care Monthly News Brief - July 2021


Insecurity Insight publishes data on incidents where health workers were killed, kidnapped or arrested (KKA) and incidents where health facilities were damaged or destroyed by a perpetrator including state and non-state actor groups, criminals, individuals, students and other staff members. 01 January-31 July 2021 Health Care KKADD is now available for download via our website or on HDX. Past editions: June 2021; May 2021.

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Burkina Faso

17 July 2021: In Kimini village, Niangoloko department, Comoe province, a health centre was vandalised by suspected Katiba Macina (JNIM) militants. Medicine was stolen, along with motorcycles, mobile phones, and money. Source: ACLED1 27 July 2021: In Madjoari village, Kompienga province, health workers’ houses, a medicine depot and health supplies were looted by suspected JNIM militants. Source: ACLED1


27 July 2021: In Nyabihanga commune, Mwaro province, two male nurses working in a local health centre were abducted in two separate events. The first victim was abducted and taken away in a car by unidentified perpetrators in police clothes, and it was later confirmed that he was taken away for an investigation. The second victim was abducted from his home the following day by suspected agents from the National Intelligence Service (SNR).Source: SOS Medias

Democratic Republic of the Congo

10 July 2021: In Monge village, Irumu territory, Ituri province, a pharmacy and local health centre were set on fire during an attack on the village by the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF). At least seven civilians were killed and at least 30 civilians were abducted. Houses were also set on fire and goods were looted. Sources: Buni Actualité and Kivu Security Tracker

Around 14 July 2021: In the Bapere area, Lubero territory, North Kivu province, health workers of the Mambume health centre were threatened by Union of Patriots for the Liberation of Congo (UPLC) members for treating a victim who was previously stabbed by UPLC members. The health centre was closed for at least 10 days as a direct consequence of the threats. Source: Radio Okapi

21 July 2021 (DOA): In Mausa town, Lubero territory, North Kivu province, a local health post closed as a result of growing militia activity in the area. Source: Radio Moto