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Attacks on Health Care Monthly News Brief - January 2021

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SHCC Attacks on Health Care

The section aligns with the definition of attacks on health care used by Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition (SHCC).


Burkina Faso
04 January 2021: In Koumbri department, Yatenga province, suspected militants burned down an ambulance alongside other buildings, leaving six people dead. Source: Sahel Security Alerts

Democratic Republic of the Congo
06 January 2021: In Nyamilima village, North Kivu province, unidentified perpetrators threatened to kill a nurse of the Nyamilima General Hospital. Source: WikiRumours

Between 05 and 08 January 2021: In Tigray region, unidentified perpetrators burned down a clinic run by the Ethiopian Agency for Refugees and Returnees Affairs (ARRA), a WFP storage facility, as well as a secondary school run by the Development and Inter-Aid Church Commission, all situated inside the Shimelba Camp for Eritrean refugees. Sources: Bloomberg and Reuters

05 January 2021: In Deh village, Bandiagara cercle, Mopti region, armed men stopped an MSF ambulance, assaulting passengers inside including a nurse from the Ministry of Health, a caretaker, the driver, and three patients severely wounded at the time of the airstrike in the villages of Bounty and Kikara in Mopti region on 3 January. Following the assault, the victims were tied up and left in the sun. One patient died from their injuries during the event. Sources: Atalayar, MSF I, MSF II, Infowakat, Xinhua and Studio Tamani

02 January 2021: In Tapa community, Ibarapa North LGA, Oyo state, gunmen abducted a male doctor while he was on duty at his hospital. Sources: ACLED1 and HumAngle

09 January 2021: In Gujba town and LGA, Yobe state, suspected Boko Haram militants burned down health facilities and looted medicine from a hospital as part of a wider assault in the area. Sources: Eons Intelligence and Sahara Reporters

01 January 2021: In Zalingei town, Central Darfur state, several nurses were attacked and injured inside Zalingei Hospital by an armed group who torched a pharmacy and looted surrounding buildings. The incident took place following a quarrel between a member of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) and a policeman affiliated with the hospital guards. Sources: Dabanga Sudan


17 January 2021: In the Motor Shoyee area of PD5, Kabul city, a military doctor and a civilian were wounded by gunmen. Source: ACLED1

Around 25 January 2021: In the limits of Ghazni province, two aid volunteers were wounded in an armed attack. Source: ACLED1

06 January 2021: The Chinese Government blocked a WHO team investigating the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic from entering China, claiming that it had not approved the necessary permissions required for their entry. The WHO, however, stated that arrangements had been jointly agreed with Chinese authorities in advance. Sources: Al Jazeera and Sahara Reporters

As reported on 30 January 2021: In New Delhi, between 10 and 15 baton-wielding police officers beat a US doctor and his team while they attempted to provide medical care to people injured in a violent protest against farming reforms. Three doctors reported broken arms, and one volunteer a cracked skull. Source: Daily Mail

12 January 2021: In Latumbar area, Karak district, Kohat division, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, gunmen riding a motorcycle shot and killed a policeman escorting a team of polio workers. The polio workers were unharmed in the incident. Sources: Al Jazeera and US News

14 January 2021: Singaporean authorities blocked two members of a WHO team investigating the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic from flying to China after testing positive for a Coronavirus IgM antibodies test, despite having previously tested negative for the virus multiple times, delaying their deployment. Source: CNN

The Philippines
10 January 2021: In Barangay Aloja, Batuan, Bohol province, Central Visayas, an ambulance driver for the local government unit was shot dead by suspected NPA militants. Source: ACLED

Middle East and North Africa

Occupied Palestinian Territories
04 January 2021: In Tulkarm city and governorate, West Bank, IDF soldiers raided the Thabet Thabet Hospital, fired a sound bomb into the reception and three more in the yard while pursuing a Palestinian youth who had thrown stones at them following a raid by Israeli forces on a nearby Palestinian home. The attack caused extreme distress to the 81 patients at the hospital, including five children, seven patients in ICU, and 13 women in the maternity ward, their companions, and around 39 hospital staff. Source: Medical Aid for Palestinians

Syrian Arab Republic
24 January 2021: In Bab Al Salameh camp, Azaz countryside, Aleppo governorate, a pharmacist was shot dead by gunmen who broke into the victim’s pharmacy and directly shot him. Source: SOHR

17 January 2021: In Al Mukha city, Al Mukha, Taizz, five doctors were kidnapped by members of the Guardians of the Republic who stormed their doctors' residence. The doctors were allegedly taken to Al Khawkhah and forced to work for the group. Source: ACLED1

22 January 2020: In Al Jawf city, Al Hazm district, Al Jawf governorate, Al Jawf General Hospital was stormed by armed Houthi forces. One civilian was killed. Sources: ACLED1 and CIMP

25 January 2021: In Dhamar city, district and governorate, three health workers at the city's public hospital were assaulted and beaten by Houthi forces, allegedly in an attempt to coerce state workers to participate in upcoming demonstrations. The victims suffered minor fractures. Source: ACLED1

28 January 2021: In Al Hawtah district, Lahij governorate, a nurse was killed when an unidentified perpetrator opened fire near the Ibn Khaldun Hospital. Source: ACLED1