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Attacks on Health Care Bi-Monthly News Brief: 15 - 28 December 2021


SHCC Attacks on Health Care

The section aligns with the definition of attacks on health care used by the Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition (SHCC).


Democratic Republic of the Congo

17 December 2021: In Ekopise village, Bapere area, Lubero territory, North Kivu province, suspected Mai-Mai militia looted pharmaceutical products during an incursion into the village.
Source: Radio Moto


26 December 2021: In South West region, military personnel stopped an MSF ambulance at the Nguti checkpoint as it was transporting a patient suffering from gunshot wounds to Mutengene city and forced it to return to Mamfe city for treatment. Sources: Mimi Mefo Info I, Mimi Mefo Info II and MSF Western & Central Africa


16 December 2021: In Alamata town, Southern zone, Tigray region, government armed drones and fighter jets destroyed a hospital that serves over 500,000 people. Source: Globe News Net


28-29 December 2021: In Ansongo town and commune, Gao region, armed men kidnapped a Nigerien doctor working for a French INGO. He was released on 03 January. Sources: ActuNiger and RFI


18 December 2021: In Dange Shuni LGA, Sokoto state, police detained four staff members of the LNGO Livingstone Explorer International Initiative during a medical distribution activity. Locals had accused the staff of providing medicine to the community without the knowledge and approval of the Sokoto’s Health Ministry, and of trying to convert Muslim residents to Christianity by distributing audio bibles. The four were released the next day following the intervention of the Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria. Source: Sahara Reporters