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Asian Disaster Reduction Center: 2017 Annual Report

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The Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC), which was established in Kobe in July 1998, will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year. Since its founding, ADRC has been focused on promoting multilateral disaster risk reduction cooperation at the community, national, and regional levels all across Asia and the Pacific.

Our activities include exchanges of disaster management experts from government organizations, the collection and dissemination of relevant information, and surveys and research on multilateral disaster risk reduction cooperation. Thus far, as many as 105 officials from 26 member countries have participated in our exchange programs. These interpersonal networks are our most valuable assets when it comes to enabling ADRC to develop and implement future activities intended to improve the resilience of Asian countries.

We have worked in cooperation with our member countries to implement a variety of programs for disaster education, including programs that apply space-based technologies to disaster risk reduction. ADRC has also developed the GLIDE system, which is a practical tool for integrating disaster data and databases archived by organizations around the world.

Even as we continue these activities, this anniversary provides an opportune time for ADRC to discuss the strategies and initiatives we will adopt over the next 20 years. As ADRC chairman, I sincerely appreciate your cooperation in these efforts, and I invite you to join us in promoting DRR in Asia so that together we can build more resilient societies for all.

March 2018 Masanori Hamada, Chairman Asian Disaster Reduction Center

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