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Asia-Pacific Disaster Risk Reduction Overview 2019 (Major DRR Initiatives) - 21 January 2020

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EWEA: Early Warning & Early Action
World Vision (WV) monitors indicators of threats, to anticipate and reduce the impact of disasters, especially for floods, drought, landslides and dzud. By working with the community and the local government, different early warning systems are set up, to ensure communities take precautions or mitigating actions which include being evacuated to safe areas, ahead of disasters.

CBDRM: Community Based Disaster Risk Management
WV builds the community’s awareness and capacity to manage disaster risk and mitigate the impact. WV strengthens disaster preparedness mechanisms at the community level through supporting Community Disaster Management Teams in developing a contingency plan, conducting emergency drills; maintaining preparedness equipment and facility, as well building awareness and skills of community members and children.

CCA: Climate Change Adaptation
While tackling climate change, measures are introduced to reduce vulnerabilities to the effects of climate change. At the same time action is taken to increase awareness and mitigation risks for causes of climate change, especially greenhouse gases.

Resilient Livelihood
To address frequent disasters and climate crisis, WV aims to build a resilient and sustainable livelihood for communities, so that households develop better shock-absorbing ability, with reduced vulnerability and an enhanced capacity to cope with loss and damages.

Post-disaster Resilience Building
Resilience-building elements, for disaster-affected communities, are incorporated into post-disaster early recovery processes, including strengthening shelter and infrastructure, diversifying sources of livelihood, incorporating psychosocial support and Education in Emergency (EiE), etc.

Safe school Initiatives
WV collaborates with government, school teachers, CSOs and various other stakeholders to enhance school safety by using the Comprehensive School Safety Framework. WV conducts disaster preparedness drills and activities, provides DRR facilities in campus and invests on awareness-raising and training of students and teachers.

Child-focused DRR (CFDRR)
WV believes children are agents of change. In many countries, like Mongolia, Vietnam, Philippines, Nepal, Thailand, China, etc., for the past few years, efforts have been made, to include participation and contribution of children and youth, in community-based DRR activities, so that, the needs and concern of children, are included.

Capacity Building
With the emphasis on sustainability, WV works to strengthen the capacity of government and local partners at all levels. Apart from sensitisation and advocacy, World Vision builds the technical and management knowledge and skills of government, local actors and institutes to implement DRR and CCA activities with an inclusive approach.