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ASEAN Safe Schools Initiative

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ASSI is implemented by ASEAN Secretariat in close cooperation with civil society organisations (namely Plan International, World Vision, Save the Children and MERCY Malaysia) and the AADMER Partnership Group and is supported by European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Department (ECHO) and Australian Aid.

ASEAN Common Framework on School Safety

80% of disaster deaths happen in Asia and children are disproportionally affected by disasters. Nine of 10 children in Southeast Asia spend half of their waking hours in school and oftentimes, schools facilities are not constructed to be disaster resilient. ASEAN Safe Schools Initiative, an ASEAN government-led safe school initiative, developed the ASEAN Common Framework on School Safety (ACFCSS), a SEA regional framework to enhance school safety against the adverse impacts of natural and man-made hazards for ASEAN nations. This operationalization of this framework in 10 ASEAN nations is aimed to create a safe and secure learning environment for children. This framework comes with a roll-out manual for its operationalization.

The summary version of the framework can be seen here.

School Disaster Risks Management Guidelines

These guidelines were developed by the ASEAN Safe Schools Initiative (ASSI) through a series of national and regional consultations with key Ministry of Education (MOE) and National Disaster Management Offices (NDMO) from 10 AMSs. The guidelines are aimed to support school-based risk assessment and planning, educational continuity planning and development of response skills (such as temporary and locally built learning facilities). These guide teachers and students 5 steps to achieving comprehensive school safety: 1) know your risks, 2) plan for safety and educational continuity, 3) implement you plan, 4) monitor and evaluate your plan and 5) share, reach out, and advocate. They also recommend associated tools for each step.

ASEAN Safe Schools Initiative: A Compilation of Case Studies

“I am responsible for telling other students to watch their steps when crossing the bridge to they will not slip and fall into the water”, a student in a Cambodian floating school said. This is one of testimonials showing a student’s improved understanding of hazards and disaster risks is something that we all can learn from students in this book. This book is a compilation of six ASEAN country case studies that discuss ASSI’s good practices and key learnings in implementing comprehensive school safety framework (CSSF). This compiles such stories in Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Philippines and Thailand.