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Annual report 2010

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Humanitarian Trends and Challenges

It is always worthwhile for leaders in any organization to review and analyse the challenges it faced and the emerging trends it observed during the previous year. For an organization like the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, these reflections are crucial.

The size and reach of our network mean that we need to regularly re-evaluate what is working in our sector, what can be improved and what tomorrow might bring. Doing this together fosters a collective commitment to make the Red Cross and Red Crescent even stronger and better positioned as a humanitarian and development leader with the interests of the vulnerable driving our actions.

Just as many of the people we serve must adapt to a new post-disaster reality, we too need to adapt our strategies to the fast-changing world we operate in. Only by doing so can we continue to assist those in need whilst upholding our fundamental principles and advancing the goals laid out in Strategy 2020.