Amnesty International Report 2011: The State of the World's Human Rights

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Activists and journalists used new technologies to campaign for human rights in innovative and imaginative ways in 2010.
They are organizing in the virtual world to make the quest for a life lived with dignity into a truly global demand.

The Amnesty International Report 2011 documents the state of human rights in 157 countries and territories in 2010. It reveals a world in which people continue to challenge oppression and to confront human rights abusers, despite the powerful array of repressive measures deployed against them.

This report shows that the communities most affected by human rights abuses are the real driving force behind the human rights struggle. Their determination and persistence have inspired millions and made it increasingly difficult for states to ignore the growing clamour for fundamental and irreversible change. This report is dedicated to their courage.

Amnesty International was founded in 1961 with a clear mission to create a movement of international solidarity to fight injustice in every corner of the world. Fifty years later, the world has changed dramatically. However, as this report shows, the imperative for individuals to stand together to protect human rights, wherever they may be, remains as powerful as ever.