Aid for Nutrition: Mobilizing Innovative Financing for the fight against undernutrition

from Action Contre la Faim France
Published on 05 Feb 2013

Key messages

  • The countries actively involved in the fight against undernutrition, donors and SUN countries, should further investigate innovative solutions to raise funds. The SUN movement’s current work on increasing resource mobilization could be an ideal occasion to integrate innovative financing mechanisms for nutrition as a strategic objective.

  • The UK Presidency of G8 2013 and all actors committed to make nutrition a priority should develop innovative financing solutions to provide the scale of funding required to support nutrition, with a specific focus on acute malnutrition interventions.

  • The terms of reference of the new “Innovative Facility for Agriculture, Food Security and Nutrition” should take into account nutrition issues and create the conditions for the design and operationalization of innovative financing mechanisms for specific nutrition interventions.

  • Governments that are planning to set up FTTs in 2013 must increase their contribution to development and integrate nutrition as a priority sector.