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The Aid in Danger Monthly News Brief - October 2018


This monthly digest comprises threats and incidents of violence affecting the delivery of aid.
It is prepared by Insecurity Insight from information available in open sources.

Indonesia Earthquake and Tsunami Response

New safety, security and access information

01 October 2018: On Sulawesi island, the National Disaster Management Authority asked international NGOs to pull out and announced that it would only authorise certain selective forms of foreign aid. No reason was given for this decision. Sources: IRIN and The Guardian

Security Incidents and Access Constraints


Burkina Faso

09 October 2018: In Fada N’Gourma, Pama and Gayéri towns, Est region, criminal and terrorist activities forced NGOs to reduce their working hours and to refrain from in-field work, leading to some delays in the implementation of projects. Source: RFI Africa
31 October 2018: In Kilambo village, Bafuni region, Masisi territory, 10 IDPs, including teachers, were abducted by the Reformed Nduma Defence of the Congo militia. No further details specified.
Source: ACLED


01 October 2018: Burundian authorities placed a three-month ban on almost all international NGOs operating in Burundi, including MSF and Catholic Relief Services, on the basis that some organisations have violated the 2017 ‘General Framework for Cooperation between the Republic of Burundi and Foreign NGOs’, an amendment for ethnicity quotas in the hiring of national staff. Only INGOs running hospitals and schools are exempt. Sources: Amnesty International,
Devex and VOA News
10 October 2018: In Muyinga city and province, police arrested three IRC employees, one Congolese and two Burundian, for violating the aforementioned ban on international NGOs. Source: Le Figaro


05 October 2018: In Tole region, Fako department, soldiers entered an IDP camp and began shooting, leaving three civilians dead. No further information specified. Source:

Central African Republic

19 October 2018: In Bria town, Haute-Kotto province, anti-Balaka militiamen abducted four MINUSCA peacekeepers but released them two days later, on 21 October. Source: aBangui

31 October-01 November 2018: In Batangafo town, Ouham prefecture, armed men attacked and torched three IDP camps, destroying them completely and leaving around 27,000 people without a home. This incident prompted NGOs to suspend their activities at the sites. Source: RJDH


01 October 2018: In western Chad, a truck carrying UN provisions to Baga Sola, near Lake Chad, was attacked near Maou village by unidentified perpetrators. The driver and his assistant went missing and are presumed kidnapped, while the truck and its cargo were recovered. No further details specified. Source: AWSD

26 October 2018 (DoA): In the island areas of western Chad a series of militant attacks forced six aid organisations - including the WFP - to suspend their operations, leaving tens of thousands of people without food and health services for weeks. Source: Reuters

Democratic Republic of the Congo

02 October 2018: In Butembo city, north Kivu region, two or three local Red Cross workers (accounts vary) were attacked during the burial of Ebola victims, leaving them with serious injuries. No further details specified. Sources: IFRC, Media Congo, AWSD, Reuters and The Telegraph

09 October 2018: In Beni city, North Kivu province, a citywide attack by armed militias forced the IRC to suspend its programmes until 10 October, when the organisation resumed its activities only within the city limits of Beni. Source: Reuters

12 October 2018 (DoA): In Beni city, North Kivu province, an attack staged by armed militias forced two WHO personnel to remain indoors for two full days. Source: VOA News

15 October 2018: In areas hit by the Ebola outbreak, insecurity prompted the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention to pull back its personnel. Source: CNN

21 October 2018: In Beni city, North Kivu province, residents threw stones at vehicles belonging to unnamed aid organisations and MONUSCO amidst a protest over the killing of 15 civilians by an armed militia. Sources: AP (a), AP (b), The New York Times and VOA News

29 October 2018: In Fizi territory, South Kivu province, Congolese authorities banned all movement to and from the Lusenda Burundian refugee camp following the discovery within the camp of an armed man linked to the Burundian rebel group National Liberation Forces. Sources: Actualite and SOS Médias Burundi

31 October 2018: In Kilambo village, Bafuni region, Masisi territory, 10 IDPs, including teachers, were abducted by the Reformed Nduma Defence of the Congo militia. No further details specified. Source: ACLED