The Aid in Danger Monthly News Brief - May 2017

from Insecurity Insight
Published on 31 May 2017 View Original

This monthly digest comprises threats and incidents of violence affecting the delivery of humanitarian assistance. It is prepared by Insecurity Insight from information available in open sources.

Burkina Faso 15 May 2017: In Djahoye town, unidentified perpetrators launched an attack, killing the president of the Village Development Council, and seizing money, food and a motorcycle before fleeing. Source: China

Burundi 05 May 2017: In Bujumbura city, some unnamed people have used fake Red Cross emblems to commit unspecified crimes, endangering rescuers and putting the lives of the wounded at risk. Source: IWACU

Cameroon 15 May 2017: In Bamenda, Northwest region, unidentified perpetrators burned down five classrooms at the Government Primary School. Source: Cameroon Concord

Central African Republic 08 May 2017: In Mbomou region, anti-balaka fighters ambushed a MINUSCA convoy travelling between Yogofongo village and Bangassou, killing one Cambodian peacekeeper and wounding at least eight others, including one Cambodian and seven Moroccans.
Sources: Al Jazeera and Central Afrique Presse 09 May 2017: In Mbomou region, three peacekeepers who had disappeared after the above attack were found dead. Another peacekeeper remains missing. Sources: Al Jazeera, Central Afrique Presse, International Business Times, VOA News 13-14 May 2017: In Bangassou, Mbomou region, anti-balaka fighters attacked a MINUSCA base twice, killing dozens, including one Moroccan peacekeeper. Sources: Reuters, RJDH, Telquel and The Wire