The Aid in Danger Monthly News Brief - March 2018

from Insecurity Insight
Published on 31 Mar 2018 View Original


Central African Republic

05 March 2018: In Paoua town, Ouham-Pendé prefecture, and across the wider Central African Republic, fighting among armed groups continues to stall humanitarian response efforts. Source: Devex

07 March 2018: In Bangassou city, Mbomou prefecture, rumours of an armed attack in the city forced several unspecified NGOs to withdraw. Source: RJDH

07 March 2018: In Bangassou city, Mbomou prefecture, protesters at a women’s march against violence in the region called for the departure of MINUSCA and the Moroccan UN contingent from Bangassou, accusing them of passivity in the face of threats and harassment. Source: RJDH

09 or 11 March 2018: In Bangassou city, Mbomou prefecture, armed men suspected to be from the Anti-balaka movement invaded the base of the Dutch NGO Cordaid, looting pharmaceuticals, work tools, motorcycles and seats. Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA) personnel intervened, leading to a firefight between MINUSCA and the armed men. The perpetrators subsequently vandalised the local Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) office. Cars, motorbikes and solar panels belonging to several NGOs in the area were also stolen. Sources:
Centrafrique-Presse and Voice of America (VOA)

10 March 2018: In Kabo town, Ouham prefecture, the NGO Solidarity International announced its withdrawal from Kabo following numerous robberies they had suffered over past months, and in light of the deteriorating security situation in the region. Source: Le Réseau des Journalistes pour les Droits de l'Homme (RJDH)

15 March 2018: In Bangassou city, Mbomou prefecture, Anti-balaka fighters stole two vehicles belonging to the NGO Catholic Mission.
One of them was returned later, but the other remains in the possession of the attackers. Source: aBangui

19 March 2018: In Alindao town and sub-prefecture, Basse-Kotto prefecture, Anti-balaka and Central African Unity armed men exchanged fire, resulting in the injury of two MINUSCA peacekeepers, one Burundian and one Gabonese. The reason for the clash was unclear. Source: Centrafrique-Presse

28 March 2018: In Bangui, the head of an unnamed armed group in the PK5 enclave threatened to go to war with the UN agency MINUSCA unless the peacekeepers left the area. Source: Modern Ghana

31 March 2018: In Bangui, members of an unnamed armed group in PK5 enclave fired at a MINUSCA peacekeepers on patrol. Source: Modern Ghana

Democratic Republic of the Congo

05 March 2018: In Dekese community, Kasai district and province, a clash between two families in a case related to witchcraft led to the death of a Caritas Congo Development employee. Source: Radio Okapi 17 March 2018: In Goma city, North Kivu province, armed assailants attacked a 20-vehicle convoy of an unspecified NGO, injuring the convoy’s leader and kidnapping 21 people. Source: AWSD

18 March 2018: In Bwatsinge village, Lubero town, North Kivu province, gunmen killed a national aid worker from an unspecified international NGO under unknown circumstances. Source: AWSD

20 March 2018: In Kananga city, Lulua province, armed robbers in police uniforms and plainclothes targeted and threatened a United Nations Organisation Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO) agent, who gave them money amidst panic. Source: Actualite


01 March 2018: In Mopti region, an explosion of a mine or an improvised explosive device (IED) against a Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) vehicle on the Boni-Douentza road killed four peacekeepers and wounded four more. Source: Africa News

20 March 2018: In Mopti region, unidentified perpetrators killed an aid worker from an unspecified NGO at his home. The motive is unknown. Source: aBamako

22 March 2018: In Mopti region, gunmen abducted three aid workers from an unspecified NGO at their home. The motive is unknown. Source: aBamako


07 March 2018: Three parliamentary committees endorsed the raising of fees paid by NGOs to the Malawian government based on the funding they receive, as opposed to the current approach of asking for fixed amounts. The committees have demanded both local and international NGOs in Malawi comply with the new fee structure. NGOs and civil society have fought back against these fees, arguing them to be unfair.
Source: Nyasa Times


01 March 2018: In Rann community, Kala Balge local government area, Borno state, Boko Haram insurgents attacked an internally displaced people (IDP) camp, killing two International Organization for Migration (IOM) employees, a doctor working as consultant with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), and an aid worker from International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), all Nigerian. They also kidnapped a female NGO nurse, and injured a female aid worker. On 02 March, following this attack, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) announced the suspension of its medical activities in the town, and the evacuation of 22 national and international staff. Sources: AWSD, MSF, Punch, Reuters (a), Reuters (b), Reuters (c), Reuters (d), The New York Times and Xinhua


28 March 2018: In Mogadishu, a bomb attached to a police vehicle exploded in a parking lot near the office of the ICRC, killing one local staffer. Al Shabaab claimed responsibility for this attack, stating that they killed the victim because he was a member of parliament. Sources: ICRC, The Washington Post and VOA News

South Sudan

07 March 2018: In Melut county, Upper Nile state, an explosion of unknown origin severely wounded a deminer from the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) whilst he was working at a demolition site, he later died from his injuries. Source: Radio Tamazuj

09 March 2018: In Juba, the South Sudanese Media Authority suspended the UN-run Radio Miraya because they had failed to acquire a license for operation in the country. Source: Radio Tamazuj

14 March 2018: In Bentiu town, Rubkona county, Northern Liech state, local youths threw stones at a truck of a United Nations (UN)-contracted driver, breaking the windscreen, and injuring the driver. The reason behind this assault remains unknown. Source: AWSD

25 March 2018: In Kupera, Yei, Central Equatoria state, seven NGO workers were reportedly abducted by SPLA-IO opposition forces. The aid workers were part of a convoy that were delivering supplies to health centres in Kupera, Limuro, Wuji, and Koyoko. Source: AWSD


28 March 2018: In Yumbe district, West Nile sub-region, North region, a crowd of rioters burned down two vehicles parked in the compound of Dan Church Aid offices, owned by the same NGO. The riot was sparked due to the Uganda Revenue Authority’s decision to crack down on boda bodas operating without paying taxes. Source: Xinhua