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The Aid in Danger Monthly News Brief, June 2020

Situation Report
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Burkina Faso

24 June 2020: Between Gaskinde and Mentao, Pobe-Mengao department, Soum province, an INGO truck loaded with intended for IDPs was ambushed by JNIM militants. The Togolese driver and his apprentice were detained and released, along with the vehicle after supplies were stolen from inside. Source: Infowakat

Democratic Republic of the Congo

18 June 2020: An investigation by The New Humanitarian has revealed questionable practices in the Ebola response, including: payments to security forces, renting vehicles at inflated prices, and job kickback schemes, all of which may have jeopardised humanitarian operations and put lives at risk. Source: TNH

28 June 2020: In Lulimba locality, Fizi territory, South Kivu province, four unidentified armed men kidnapped an MSF Holland agent. The kidnappers demanded a ransom for the hostage's release. Source: Kivu Security Tracker


02 June 2020: Near Aguelhok village, Tessalit cercle, Kidal region, an IED struck and damaged a MINUSMA mine-protected vehicle belonging to a logistical convoy. Source: Twitter

08 June 2020: In Baye town, Bankass commune, Mopti region, two NGO workers, their driver and a councilor of the mayor were kidnapped by unidentified armed men. Source: AMAP

11 June 2020: In Diabaly commune, Ségou region, three INGO staff members were kidnapped by an unspecified armed group, allegedly because one the staff members - a woman - was not complying with the dress code imposed by the armed group. Two staff members were released and the whereabouts of the third remains unknown. Source:

13 June 2020: Near Tarkint village and commune, Bourem cercle, Gao region, unidentified armed individuals attacked a MINUSMA logistical convoy, killing two peacekeepers. Source: The New Arab 16 June 2020: In Karou village, Ansongo commune, Gao region, a vehicle carrying an unspecified number of aid workers was ambushed by gunmen. The aid workers were removed from the vehicle, and the driver and vehicle were taken. Source: ACLED2