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The Aid in Danger Monthly News Brief, April 2020

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Central African Republic

03 April 2020: In Batangafo town, Ouham prefecture, an unnamed NGO building was raided by anti-Balaka militants who stole communication equipment, electronics and cash, and stabbed two NGO guards. Source:

30 April 2020: In Bozoum city, Ouham-Pende prefecture, an INGO national aid worker was physically assaulted by a group of armed young men in the central Bozoum market. The aid worker received treatment at the local city hospital. Source: AWSD

Aid Workers Arrested in 2019

In 2019, 70 aid workers were reportedly arrested in 49 incidents across 24 countries. A high number were reportedly arrested in Yemen (23), followed by the CAR (8), South Sudan (7) and Syria (6).
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Democratic Republic of the Congo

Public trust towards international respondents on social media deteriorated dramatically: by mid-April, negative sentiment reached around 75% of total monitored social media content related to the international response. Read our latest report on Security Media Trends in the DRC to find out more.

16 April 2020: In Rutanga, Uvira Territory, South Kivu province, three AVSI Foundation staff members were kidnapped by Mai-Mai Mbulu men during an ambush. Their vehicle was also stolen. Source: Kivu Security

16 April 2020: Near the village of Malinde, Katanga locality, Fizi territory,
South Kivu province, four MSF-Holland staff members and their two jeeps were ambushed and kidnapped by unidentified armed men. They were released three days later in Nsimbi village. Sources: Garda World, Kivu Security Tracker and Urdo Point


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01 April 2020: Update: The son of a French aid worker - held hostage by unidentified perpetrators since 24 December 2016 - stated that the French Government had proof that the victim is still alive. Source: France 11 April 2020: In Hore Haya, Fittouga commune, Niafunke cercle, Tombouctou region, four LGNO aid workers were kidnapped by suspected JNIM militants. Their NGO vehicle was left behind. Sources:


10 April 2020: Near Mooda-Mooda village, Bay region, two LNGO aid workers travelling from Buurhakaba to Baidoa were ambushed and kidnapped by Al Shabaab militants. Source: ACLED

South Sudan

05 April 2020: Between Motot an Waat, Nyirol county, Eastern Bieh state, a male national aid worker was fatally shot by unidentified armed men while walking along the road. Source: AWSD

06 April 2020: On social media, youths made violent xenophobic comments towards international UN staffers, following confirmation of the first case of COVID-19 involving a UN worker on 05 April. The Facebook group South Sudan Youth Fight Against COVID-19 urged youngsters to attack UN workers across the country. Some replied that they have prepared knives and stones to attack UN workers with.
In response, the UN has authorised only essential movement by staff. Some non-UN agencies have

been following the same advice. Sources: Eye Radio, TNH I and TNH II 12 April 2020: In Twic East county, Jonglei state, an INGO national aid worker was killed by a group of perpetrators who stole livestock from Pamot cattle camp. Source: AWSD1


24 April 2020: At Masvingo area, Masvingo Metro, Masvigno province, the director of an NGO was harassed by police who forced him to pay a fine for allegedly violating COVID-19 lockdown measures despite having an approval letter. Source: Zim Eye