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Aid in Danger Bi-Weekly News Brief, 16-29 June 2021

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01 January-31 May 2021 Aid Worker KKA is now available on our website or on HDX. Insecurity Insight continuously updates data on aid workers killed, kidnapped or arrested (KKA). Updated data includes new and historic reports identified in open-sources and verified security incidents submitted by Aid in Danger partner agencies.

Safety, security and access incidents

Incidents of threats and violence affecting aid workers and aid delivery.


Central African Republic

24 June 2021: Near Batangafo town, Ouham prefecture, two motorcycle riders hired by MSF were caught in an armed ambush as they were accompanying a patient being transported by MSF staff.
A female caretaker was shot and killed, and one motorcyclist, as well as two patients - a woman and her baby - were wounded. Sources: Al Jazeera and MSF Western & Central Africa


As reported on 17 June 2021: In Eastern zone, Tigray region, Eritrean troops seized three trucks belonging to an LNGO and used them for military purposes. Source: OCHA 22 June 2021: In Togoga town, Southeastern zone, Tigray region, an aid volunteer ambulance was shot at twice by Ethiopian soldiers who held a doctor and his team for 45 minutes. Sources: AP, BBC, The New York Times and Twitter

24 June 2021: In Abiy Addi town, Central zone, Tigray region, three MSF staffers — namely the emergency coordinator, a Spanish woman; a coordination assistant, an Ethiopian man; and their driver, also an Ethiopian national — went missing while travelling. The next day they were found dead a few metres from their empty vehicle. Sources: Doctors Without Borders, France 24, MSF, South China Morning Post, Tapei Times, The Irish Times, The New Arab and VOA

26 June 2021: In Mai-Tsebri town, Tigray region, unidentified perpetrators blocked 120 trucks carrying WFP emergency food aid. Source: Twitter


As reported on 14 June 2021: In Blue Niles and South Kordofan states, humanitarian organisations have been able to access five locations controlled by the SPLMN-N, where an estimated 800,000 people live, for the first time since 2011. WFP delivered 100 metric tons of nutritious biscuits for 25,000 children in 83 schools. Source: OCHA

19 June 2021: In Zalingei city, Zalingi locality, Central Darfur state, two INGO aid workers were shot and wounded in a suspected kidnapping or carjacking incident. Source: ACLED2