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Aid in Danger Bi-Weekly News Brief, 02-15 June 2021

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01 January-31 May 2021 Aid Worker KKA is now available on our website or HDX. Insecurity Insight continuously updates data on aid workers killed, kidnapped or arrested (KKA). Updated data includes new and historic reports identified in open-sources and verified security incidents submitted by Aid in Danger partner agencies.
Past editions: 19 May-01 June; 05-18 May

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Safety, security and access incidents
Incidents of threats and violence affecting aid workers and aid delivery.


Central African Republic

02 June 2021: In Nazikada, Batafango district, Ouham prefecture, an INGO national aid worker was robbed and assaulted by the Coalition des Patriotes pour le Changement/Mouvement Patriotique pour la Centrafrique (CPC/MPC). Source: AWSD1

05 June 2021: In Elevage IDP camp, Bambari town, Ouaka prefecture, an MSF-supported health post to treat malaria as well as tents and shops were burnt and destroyed during fighting between armed groups and government forces. Source: MSF

Democratic Republic of the Congo

28 May 2021: In Djugu territory, Ituri province, unidentified perpetrators attacked an INGO compound was attacked, prompting the organisation to suspend its health project in the area. Sources: ECHO and OCHA

07 June 2021: In Boga village, Ituri province, suspected Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) militants burned down the MSF-supported General Referral Hospital and looted medical supplies during a wider assault on the village. Sources: Garda, MSF and MSF DRC


Vigil InSight Situation Report: International aid organisations will face increasing tensions following the labelling of the TPLF and OLF-Shene as terrorist organisations at the start of May. Analysis, predictions and mitigations for aid organisations here. Subscribe to updates.

As reported on 05 June 2021: In Tigray region, Ethiopian troops blocked aid workers from passing through the road leading to Wejirat woreda. Source: Twitter

16 June 2021: The Ethiopian Prime Minister was seen driving a UN-registered vehicle at an election campaign rally raising questions about neutrality. Source: Garowe Online

28 May 2021: In Kola Tembien town, Tigray region, an Ethiopian aid worker was fatally shot during a food distribution. Source: AWSD1


31 May 2021: Near Konna town, Mopti commune, three LNGO aid workers were abducted by suspected Katiba Macina militants while driving in a three-vehicle convoy on the return from a mission. Sources: ACLED2 and Radio Guintan

08 June 2021: In Hourara village, Ansongo commune, Gao region, eight INGO health workers, three of whom are females, were abducted from a health centre by armed men believed to be ISWAP militants. Sources: ACLED2, GARDA World and Studio Tamani


Vigil InSight Situation Report: Unrest in Northern Mozambique surrounding the expansion of the Islamic State Central African Province (ISCAP) affiliated militant group Ansar al-Sunna, has generated rising humanitarian needs. Key operational security questions for aid agencies to assist security risk management and support aid access here. Subscribe to updates.

08 June 2021: In Cabo Delgado province, a Christian Council of Mozambique official alleged that World Food Programme rice was being sold in markets by beneficiaries. Source: Cabo Ligado

Around 10 June 2021: In Pemba town, Cabo Delgado province, the Mozambican Red Cross reportedly said it would no longer accept beneficiary lists from local officials due to a lack of transparency from government officials and accusations from IDPs that lists have been used to divert aid to local patrimonial networks. Source: Cabo Ligado

South Sudan 31 May 2021: In Torit city and county, Eastern Equatoria state, armed youth stormed the South Sudan Red Cross office and assaulted eight volunteers. In response, the organisation suspended its activities. Sources: Eye Radio and South Sudan Red Cross

31 May 2021: In Torit city and county, Eastern Equatoria state, a United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) staff member was assaulted by a local youth. Source: Eye Radio

02 June 2021: In Torit county, Eastern Equatoria state, the regional government directed all UN and over 50 NGOs to suspend operations as it addresses tensions between local youths protesting unfair employment and humanitarian actors. On 09 June, the suspension was lifted. Sources: Eye Radio and Radio Tamazuj

07 June 2021: On the Mapourdit-Aluakluak Road, Yirol West county, Lakes state, cattle keepers killed two South Sudanese aid workers from the INGO Doctors with Africa CUAMM in a vehicle ambushing as they returned from a health facility. Two other aid workers were wounded after their vehicle veered off the road. Sources: ACLED2, AWSD1, Eye Radio, Medici Con L'Africa, OCHA, Radio Miraya, Radio Tamazuj, South Sudan NGO Forum and VOA


05 June 2021: In the Shangil Tobaya area, Dar El Salaam locality, North Darfur state, people on carts and donkeys looted properties on a UNAMID site that was handed over to local authorities on 25 May. Source: Dabanga Sudan



08 June 2021: In Baghlan province, an armed group allegedly linked to the Taliban forcibly entered and opened fire at a de-mining camp, killing 10 HALO staff and wounding 16 more. Sources: AWSD1, NBC, The Guardian, The HALO Trust and Twitter

15 June 2021: In Jalalabad city, Nangarhar province, gunmen killed five polio vaccinators and injured several more on five separate occasions. Sources: Riverine Herald and Social Swagstar and UN


08 June 2021: In Dawei city and township, Tanintharyi region, Myanmar's regime suspended MSF's operation. Sources: MSF Myanmar and The Irrawaddy



05 June 2021: The Italian Coast Guard detained the German Sea-Eye-4 migrant rescue vessel for inspection, claiming the vessel had "technical irregularities". Source: Euro News

Middle East and North Africa


Vigil InSight Economic and Political Situation Alert: Twenty nations agreed to provide increased aid to "suffering and hungry" Lebanese army suggesting institutions are on the brink of collapse. Analysis, predictions and mitigations for aid organisations here. Subscribe to updates.


03 June 2021: In Ajdabiya town, Al Wahat district, Cyrenaica region, an aid volunteer was abducted by gunmen in a vehicle ambush. Sources: ABC, The New Arab and UNSMIL

Occupied Palestinian Territories

As reported on 05 June 2021: Israeli authorities blocked Qatari aid from entering Gaza, prompting Hamas to threaten to restart anti-blockade protests along the border. Source: TNA

Syrian Arab Republic

12 June 2021: In Afrin city and district, Aleppo governorate, two missiles from the direction of areas where government troops and Kurdish-led fighters are deployed hit the SAMS-supported Al-Shifaa Paediatrics and Maternity Hospital, killing four health workers and injuring 11 more. The emergency department and delivery room were completely destroyed and the outpatient department sustained significant damages, rendering the hospital out of service. An earlier missile strike hit within 100 metres of the hospital. Sources: ABC, Care, Mercy Corps, Reuters and SAMS USA

The Americas


02-04 June 2021: In Martissant neighbourhood, Port-au-Prince, armed perpetrators robbed two MSF ambulance drivers, alongside other vehicles in the area. Sources: MSF I and MSF II

02-04 June 2021: In Martissant neighbourhood, Port-au-Prince, clashes broke out near the MSF emergency centre and offices. Sources: MSF I and MSF II

This Bi-Monthly News Brief comprises threats and incidents of violence affecting the delivery of humanitarian assistance. It is part of the Aid in Danger project, by Insecurity Insight. It is prepared from information available in local, national and international news outlets and online databases.

The incidents reported are not a complete nor a representative list of all events that affected the provision of aid delivery and have not been independently verified. All decisions made, on the basis of, or with consideration to, such information remains the responsibility of their respective organisations. This document is made possible by the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The contents are the responsibility of Insecurity Insight and do not necessarily reflect the views of USAID, the U.S. Government, or Save the Children Federation, Inc.

Insecurity Insight. 2021. Aid in Danger Bi-Monthly News Brief, 02-15 June 2021. Geneva: Insecurity Insight.

1 The Aid Worker Security Database (AWSD) does not include the names of individual victims or the agencies affected by an incident. This is done in consideration of the victims and their families who may not wish to have the names published in this format and to afford equal respect to the many victims for whom this information is not available. Accessed 21 June 2021.

2 Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED) database attribution policy. Accessed 17 June 2021.