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Aid in Danger Bi-Monthly News Brief, 22 September - 05 October 2021

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Safety, security and access incidents

Incidents of threats and violence affecting aid workers and aid delivery.


Burkina Faso

27 September 2021: The Ministry of Women, National Solidarity and Humanitarian Action ordered the NRC to suspend all operations until further notice. The suspension is linked to media coverage of NRC’s press release of 13 September, which reported that a critical shortage of aid funding, combined with a lack of capacity on the part of local authorities, has been preventing aid organisations from responding in a timely manner. The NRC has complied with the directive and suspended all of its operations pending dialogue with the Burkinabe Government. Source: NRC

Democratic Republic of the Congo

23 September 2021: In Bogio village, Ituri province, suspected ADF militia kidnapped an aid volunteer during an attack on the village and a FARDC military camp. Source: Actualité. At least eight aid workers have been reportedly kidnapped in the DRC since the start of this year. This data is available on our website or on HDX.


30 September 2021: Two days after the UN’s aid chief warned that northern Ethiopia is sliding into famine as a result of the Ethiopian Government blocking aid deliveries, the Foreign Ministry ordered the expulsion, within 72 hours, of seven senior UN officials: five members of OCHA, a representative of UNICEF and a team leader from OHCHR. The officials had all been tasked with coordinating aid activities and reporting on the humanitarian crisis in Tigray. The Ethiopian Government accused them of meddling in internal affairs and declared them persona non grata. Sources: Reuters, The New Arab, The New York Times, UN Secretary-General, UN News I and UN News II 12 October 2021: EDF launch new offensive against the Tigrayan forces in Amhara. Read Vigil Insights Flash Analysis and Prediction.


24 September 2021: Between Ourikela and Karangana, Yorosso circle, Sikasso region, an NGO worker was abducted and robbed by suspected Katiba Macina (JNIM) militants). The NGO worker was later released. Source: ACLED1 . At least eight 44 workers have been reportedly kidnapped in Mali since the start of this year. This data is available on our website or on HDX.

South Sudan

17 September 2021: Between Yei and Morobo counties, Central Equatoria state, National Salvation Front members reportedly attacked a WFP convoy of three vehicles along the Yei-Morobo Road, where one person was killed, and three more were kidnapped. The chief of the militant group denied any responsibility for the attack, stating that the group has neither presence nor a base in the location of the incident. Source: Sudan Post

05 October 2021: In Pibor county and administrative area, a letter reportedly from a youth group in Pibor was issued, demanding at least 30 aid workers leave the area within 72 hours. The youth group accused humanitarian personnel from other parts of the country of occupying positions that they say belong to the local community. In response, 78 aid workers, including three international staff, were airlifted to Juba aboard four UN humanitarian helicopters. Source: Radio Miraya and UNOCHA