The Administration of Justice in Refugee Camps: A Study of Practice

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 01 Mar 2006
This study addresses the issue of how disputes and justice matters are resolved in the context of refugee camps, with the ultimate aim of contributing towards a better understanding of this topic and better strategies for a more equitable administration of justice, particularly in light of ongoing problems of sexual and gender-based violence.

This project is perhaps the first comprehensive attempt at compiling information on the situation of administration of justice in refugee camps. It emerged from the recognition that the administration of justice in the context of refugee camps raises some very fundamental questions and complex problems linked to protection, and impacts on the general security situation in camps. Most importantly however, this project stems from the concrete needs in the field - the needs of those working with refugees on a daily basis and are increasingly faced with difficult cases posing significant moral, legal, and organisational dilemmas. More knowledge and guidance on this issue is therefore urgently needed.