Accountability to Affected Populations - The Operational Framework (IASC Transformative Agenda Protocol)

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The Operational Framework

The Operational Framework summarizes the key concepts for making programming at the field level more accountable to affected populations. The framework is designed to assist implementing agencies both individually and in groups to find practical entry points for improving accountability to affected populations.

The activities and indicators noted here should not preclude any agency from instituting further accountability improvements and mechanisms according to an internal analysis of their particular strengths and weaknesses against current industry standards and guidance. For the purposes of a more detailed analysis and agency specific action planning, the framework should be used in conjunction with the IASC Accountability Commitment Analysis Tool, the HAP 2010 Standard in Accountability and Quality Management, the Minimum Operating Standards for Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, or locally developed and tailored tools.

Affected populations within this framework should not be understood as a homogenous group, but rather differences among population groups on the basis of sex, age, ethnicity, disability and other social markers of exclusion should be acknowledged. An understanding of these differences will shape the way communication messages are design and delivered and shape the way community consultations are carried out