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Accord Insight - Women building peace

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Global policy highlights the importance of women’s participation in peace processes and peacebuilding. Yet the impact of international commitments is not felt on the ground. Most peace agreements do not address the specific concerns of women. And women are still excluded from political processes.

This first Accord Insight presents nine articles drawn from previous editions of Accord that examine the roles women have played in addressing violence and building peace. The case studies cover a period from 1998 to 2010 and contexts as far apart as Bougainville and Sierra Leone, Aceh and Northern Ireland. They document women’s first hand peacebuilding practice: the challenges they faced, the opportunities they created and the lessons they have drawn from their experiences.

The articles depict women in different contexts taking varying approaches to peacebuilding. They demonstrate women peace activists’ resilience and innovation to influence those set on violence, to mediate and promote reconciliation, and women’s capacity to mobilise and organise for peace despite exclusion from official negotiations.