2021 International Day for disaster risk reduction: International cooperation for developing countries to reduce their disaster risk and disaster losses - Key Messages



• The hour is getting late. Only together…can we save the planet.

• Without real action on climate in the next ten years, extreme weather events will be overwhelming, especially for developing countries.

• The prevention of zoonotic diseases, pandemic preparedness, and equity in vaccine distribution should be priority areas for international cooperation.

• International support for DRR is essential to eradicating poverty, hunger and reducing economic losses in developing countries.

• Greater investment is needed in multi-hazard early warning systems in developing countries.

• Planetary emergencies can only be adequately addressed through impartial and inclusive international cooperation on disaster risk management.

• International cooperation for developing countries through ODA and capacity building is essential to boost disaster resilience in the face of extreme weather events and other natural and man-made hazards.

• Disasters impact low- and middle-income countries disproportionately, particularly in terms of mortality, numbers of people injured, displaced and homeless, economic losses (as a percentage of GDP) and damage to critical infrastructure.

• International cooperation is essential to ensure that no vulnerable people are left behind in disaster-prone settings, including women, children and youth, people with disabilities, the elderly, migrants and indigenous people.