The 2015 UN-coordinated appeals: An ambitious plan to meet growing humanitarian needs

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The amount requested in UN-coordinated appeals in 2015 has reached a new record high of US$18.7 billion. Only three months into the year, the funding requested for 2015 is already US$0.7 billion higher than the amount requested within the 2014 appeals and is expected to increase further during the year.

The 2015 appeals identify almost 118 million people in need of humanitarian assistance in 33 countries. Of this total, just less than 86 million people are targeted to receive humanitarian assistance, an increase from the numbers of people targeted in 2013 and 2014.

As donors set out to consider how to direct and prioritise their funding, and agencies continue to implement the appeals, what does the picture really look like in 2015? This report compares 2015 to previous years and looks in detail at some of the changes in the scale, scope and content of this year’s appeals. It considers the progress that has been made within appeals in terms of better data on humanitarian needs and costs, as well as the ongoing challenges of meeting the needs and monitoring the response.