2011–12 Annual Review of Aid Effectiveness

from Australian Agency for International Development
Published on 25 Jan 2013 View Original

Release of the 2011-12 Annual Review of Aid Effectiveness

The inaugural Annual Review of Aid Effectiveness was released today by Foreign Minister Bob Carr. This new and important document is part of a suite of reforms flowing from the 2011 Independent Review of Aid Effectiveness. Its purpose is to inform Cabinet discussion of the four-year budget strategy outlined in the Comprehensive Aid Policy Framework and report on the aid program’s performance against the Framework.

This year’s Annual Review demonstrates the real results the Australian aid program has achieved to improve the lives of those living in poverty, in our region and beyond.

We have immunised more than two million children, provided more than 16.5 million vulnerable people with life-saving assistance in conflict and crisis situations, and helped 230,000 women deliver babies with a skilled birth attendant present. These are only some of the impacts the Australian aid program has had in 2011-12.

The aid program has also focused heavily on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of Australia’s aid. The May 2012 release of the Comprehensive Aid Policy Framework—outlining how, why and where Australian aid will be spent to 2015-16—was the first of many reforms.

In addition, initiatives such as enhanced fraud and audit measures, a Transparency Charter, establishment of the Independent Evaluation Committee and the Multilateral Assessment Framework are all assisting the effectiveness of the aid program.

The Annual Review will be an important document to assess the aid program as Australia meets the Government’s commitment to increase its aid contribution to 0.5 per cent of gross national income by 2016-17.

The Annual Review highlights only some of the many achievements of the Australian Government’s aid program in 2011-12. As the aid budget increases under the guidance of the government’s new Comprehensive Aid Policy Framework, future Annual Reviews will continue to demonstrate how our aid, is helping to lift the world’s most poor and vulnerable out of poverty.