2010 Humanitarian Accountability Report

from Humanitarian Accountability Partnership
Published on 05 May 2011 View Original

The report begins with an overview of accountability in the humanitarian system in 2010 written by John Borton, an experienced consultant and researcher. Borton identifies areas of both positive development and continuing need in relation to accountability. Positive developments include an increase in the proportion of evaluations considering accountability to intended beneficiaries and the positive impact of certification systems, such as HAP’s, on organizational performance and accountability towards affected population. Progress still needs to made in addressing the issue of too many in experienced NGOs accessing affected populations in high profile emergency responses and failures of leadership within the humanitarian system.

The report continues with an analysis of the Sixth Annual Survey of Perceptions on Humanitarian Accountability, which shows a gradual improvement in the accountability deficit in 2010. Next the report presents a detailed overview of the earthquake that took place in Haiti in January 2010 based on focus groups held by HAP staff with survivors of the disaster. This chapter offers unique insight into issues and trends identified regarding accountability and the international community’s response to the earthquake. Finally, the report ends with a summary of the main actions taken by HAP members in 2010 and highlight of the main trends and challenges faced by HAP members in their effort to improve humanitarian accountability.