12th Foreign Disaster Emergency Relief Report: Fiscal Year 1972/73, Agency for International Development

from US Agency for International Development
Published on 01 Dec 1973
Major improvements in the United States Government's disaster assistance operations in fiscal years 1972-1 973 were given impetus by the upgrading and strengthening of A.1 .D.'s disaster relief capability.
It was during ,this period that the disaster relief function was raised from a divisional level to one of the major offices in the Bureau for Population and Humanitarian Assistance. A Center was designed and equipped, and a Disaster Tamsk Force Reserve was created, manned by volunteers from various A.I.D. and State Department units to provide personnel for disaster. duty around the clock. The Center was planned to
improve the efficiency of U. S. emergency relief activities, to respond more effectively to massive reaction of the U.S. public to major foreign catastrophes, and to facilitate the interchange of current disaster intelligence among members of the domestic and international disaster relief communities.