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Weekly Flood Situation Report for the Mekong River Basin, Prepared at 12/11/2013, covering the week from the 04th November to the 11th November 2013

Situation Report
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Weather Patterns, General Behaviour of the Mekong River and Flood Situation

General weather patterns

Tropical depressions (TD), tropical storms (TS) or typhoons (TY)

According to the activating of the two Typhoons in the East Sea from 4th to 11th of November; the first one was “KROSA”; it was entered the north-eastern area of the East Sea early on 1st November after sweeping across the Philippines’ Luzon island with sustained winds of about 103-133 km/h, spotted moving east-northeast towards Hoang Sa archipelago, and then it landed early on 4th of November into Da Nang province, Vietnam. It was bring a lot of rainfall for some basins for these areas. The second one was super typhoon “HAIYAN”; beginning from 6th of November with wind speed up to 315 km/h, it destroyed homes, schools and an airport in the eastern city of Tacloban of Philippine on 8th of November. After passed over Philippine, the “HAIYAN” was complex moving track on the East Sea areas before approach at Quang Ninh province, Vietnam early on 11th November (see figure 1, 2)