Vietnam – Typhoon Damrey (DG ECHO, DG ECHO Partners, Media) (ECHO Daily Flash of 10 November 2017)

  • According to the latest available information from media, the death toll from Typhoon Damrey has increased to 106 people. 26 people are missing, 1 484 houses collapsed and almost 120 000 houses damaged.

  • Water released from full reservoirs caused many areas to remain flooded, especially in the lowland of Hue province, where locals predicted the inundation would last for at least another 10 days.

  • The Prime Minister of Vietnam visited Quang Nam province, and instructed all forces (army, police and other local authorities) to help the affected population.

  • DG ECHO is deploying an expert from Bangkok to support on field assessments in Hue and Quang Nam provinces throughout next week.

  • A new Tropical Depression Haikui is moving toward already affected central Vietnam and is expected strengthen into tropical storm before making landfall there, estimated to happen 14 -15 November. This may further exacerbate humanitarian needs.