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Vietnam: Immediate report on flood and rain in the central provinces 08 Dec 1999

Immediate Report on Flood and Rain Situation in Central Provinces
(As of 07 December 1999)

I. Situations.

1 - Rains.

On 7 December 1999, the rainfall in Provinces of the Central Vietnam receded in compare to the rainfall in previous days. The rainfall measured in some places (from 19:00, 06 December to 19:00, 07 December) were as follows: Tra My: 37mm; Kham Duc: 19mm; Gia Vuc: 40mm; Tra Bong: 23mm; Tra Khuc: 51mm; Ve River: 59mm.

2 - Floods.

The floodwater levels in all the rivers of the Central Vietnam are receding. The flood water levels measured at some gauging stations at 19:00, 07 December were as follows:

- Huong Gauging Station : 1.30m (under the Alarm Level II)

- Ai Nghia Gauging Station (Vu Gia River) : 6.84m (under the Alarm Level II)

- Cau Lau Gauging Station (Thu Bon River) : 2.69m (under the Alarm Level II)

- Tra Khuc Gauging Station (Tra Khuc River) : 5.18m (above the Alarm Level II)

- Ve Bridge Gauging Station (Ve River) : 4.04m (above the Alarm Level II)

- Thach Hoa Gauging Station (Kon River) : 7.62m (0.12m higher than the Alarm Level III)

According to the forecast of Hydro-Meteorological Service, the floodwater levels in the rivers of Quang Ngai and Binh Dinh Provinces will remain at Alarm Level III, rivers in the central area and southern area of the Central will remain at Alarm Level I or II.

3 - Reservoirs.

On 7 December, the water level in all reservoirs receded. The water level in the upstream of the Phu Ninh Reservoir receded to the normal water level.

II. Damages caused by Flooding

As of 07 December 1999, the situational damage are as follows:

- People:

+Dead: 115 (including 6 persons in Thua Thien Hue, 30 persons in Quang Nam Province, 45 persons in Quang Ngai Province, 17 persons in Binh Dinh Province, 9 persons in Phu Yen Province and 8 persons in Khanh Hoa Province).

+ Injured: 120 persons

+Missing: 12 persons (including 1 person in Thua Thien Hue and 11 persons in Quang Ngai Province).


+ Houses collapsed and swept away: 5,395

+ Inundated and damaged: 397,348


+ Paddy flooded and damaged: 28,779 ha.

III. The Aid and Recovery Activities.

1 - At the local areas:

- Quang Ngai Province has received 194 tons of instant noodles; 2,000 lifeboats. These goods are being delivered to aid recipients. The trains transporting the raincoats for Quang Ngai province departed from Sai Gon Station on 7 December.

- Quang Nam province has received 80 tons of instant noodles transported from Da Nang and 2,000 lifeboats.

2- The Guidance and Activities of Ministries and other Agencies.

- On 7 December, CCFSC issued a Official Telegraph No. 65 CD/ PCLB and sent it to affected provinces requesting that assistance goods to be delivered to affected areas as soon as possible.

- The Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Police also helped people in affected areas to recover life and production.

- The Ministry of Health assigned mobile units and increased medical proportions to have people in affected areas.

- The Ministry of Transportation and Communication made great efforts to recover traffic systems in the Central Vietnam.

- The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development held talks and worked out measures for recovering life and production in affected areas.

- Ministries and other agencies have been implementing measures for recovering life and production under the guidance of the Government.

IV- Proposals from Provinces:

Quang Nam and Quang Ngai Provinces request the Government to send more goods and materials for recovering life and production.

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