Viet Nam: Urgent telegraph - No.09 typhoon with strong wind force

from Government of Viet Nam
Published on 02 Dec 2006
No.: 1978/CD-TTg

Ha Noi, 2nd December, 2006 - Ministries: Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Fisheries, Ministry of Post and Telecommunication, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Securities.

-People's committee of provinces, central

-National Committee for Search and Rescue

-Central Committee for Flood and Storm Control

-Central of Meteorology and Hydrology Forecast

-Vietnam Oil and Gas Corporation

-Vietnam Tourism

-VTV, VOV, Nhan dan Newspaper, Vietnam News Agency

No.09 typhoon with the strong wind force, fast moveable speed and will landing. Influenced typhoon area from Phu Yen to Ca Mau, specially South Central part and South East part form Phu Yen to Ba Ria Vung Tau. The following telegraph 1977/CD-TTg on 02/12/2006 of Prime Minister, proactively deal, limit the damage of No.09 typhoon, Prime Minister requested:

1. Continuously prohibit boats and ships to the sea, call them move to shelter safely or escape from dangerous area.

2. People's committee of coastal provinces from Phu Yen to Ba Ria Vung Tau and Dak Lak, Lam Dong, Binh Phuoc cancelled unnecessary urgent meetings, concentrate on dealing with No.09 typhoon. Prepare projects in case of evacuate the local people, specially river mouth, coastal, depression, along the river, channel and landslide and flash flood area. Strengthen treasures, houses, ensure safety for work, dams, properties of government and people, limit the damage in case of typhoon landing.

3. CCFSC appoints two directed missions to Khanh Hoa, Ho Chi Minh city to coordinate with local to give directions, check measures to prevent No.09 typhoon timely.

4. People's committee of above provinces, CCFSC, NCSR, Ministry of Fisheries, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Securities and related ministries, sectors, forces perform seriously the telegraph 1977/CD-TTg on 02/12/2006 and Prime Minister's directions, inform timely to CCFSC and Prime Minister.