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Viet Nam: Typhoon Mirinae - situation overview (updated 08 Nov 2009)

Floods are withdrawing slowly, but a number of places are still seriously under water and isolated. A landslide occured in Quang Nam province, pointing to the continuous risk of landslides. So far 122 people have died as a result of typhoon Mirinae. 13 people were burried by the landslide. The Government is doing everything to bring people in flooded areas to safe places and to provide the necessary relief support to all affected provinces.

On the 6th November 2009, 8.30pm, a landslide occurred in Tra Giac commune, Bac Tra My district, Quang Nam province. The avalanche burried 13 people (8 from Thanh Hoa and 5 from Quang Nam). On 5pm, Nov. 7, 11 bodies have been recovered, and the search for the 2 remaining bodies was continuing today.

Damages of typhoon Mirinae (No.11):

At 7pm on 07/11/2009 (see here):

Deaths: 122 (Binh Dinh: 22; Phu Yen: 78, Khanh Hoa: 14; Ninh Thuan 1, Dak Lak: 2, Gia Lai: 5)

Missing: 2 ( Phu Yen: 2)

Injured: 145 (Quang Ngai: 7; Binh Dinh 35; Phu Yen 76, Khanh Hoa: 9; Dak Lak: 18)

Houses collapsed: 2,198

Houses damaged: 41,375

Classrooms damaged: 842

Rice paddies flooded: 19,272.2 ha

Fish and shrimp ponds damaged: 1,987 ha

Boats sunk: 337

Damaged fish cages: 21,626

Total estimated damage: 5,015.85 billion VND (278,658,333 USD)

Floods are receding slowly. The last major floods occurred on Saturday 7 November. Water levels will decrease slowly. The Central and South Central region will have sunny days but will experience some rain during the night.

Government response:

At the central level:

The Government of Viet Nam has identified the following short-term needs:

Provision of rice for at least 3 months usage while waiting for next harvest

Vegetable for cash income

Rice seeds for next crop that is due November 15

Water treatment/Repair water supplies

Free health check ups for all people affected especially women and people with disabilities

Aid devices such as wheelchairs, splits for people with disabilities

Provision of schoolbooks, notebooks, uniforms

Roofing materials

Water containers (200 l)

NFIs: (blankets, mosquito nets etc.)

Mr. Nong Duc Manh and deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai continue to inspect and visit PP's committees, local authorities and the people in the affected provinces to be a closely updated on the situation, search and rescue operations and relief operations.

On Wednesday 4 November 2009, the Prime Minister under Decision 1779/QD-TTg allocated financial support and rice to the following provinces affected by Mirinae:

Binh Dinh: 70 billion VND and 3,000 tons of rice;

Phu Yen: 100 billion VND and 4,000 tons of rice;

Khanh Hoa: 20 billion VND and 1,000 tons of rice;

Ninh Thuan 5 billion VND;

Gia Lai: 30 billion VND and 2,000 tons of rice.

The Ministry of Health deployed provincial and district health teams to the affected regions to support health relief. They have sent teams including Preventive Health Department; Medical Service Administration; and Food Safety Administration to affected provinces to provide health support and assessment. The following aid has been provided:

Medicine stocks
Chloramine B
Life vests
Phu Yen
Binh Dinh
Quang Ngai
Khanh Hoa
Ninh Thuan
Gia Lai
Dac Lak
Health department of Ministry of Security

Institut Pasteur Nha Trang provided 40,000 tablets of Chloramines B and 200 litters of chemicals for environment clearance to Binh Dinh province and 369,000 tablets of chloramines B and 1000 litres of chemicals for environmental clearance to other affected provinces

The Ministry of Transport is securing all highways and taking all necesarry response measures.

On Nov. 5, the Ministry of Defense transported more than 20.9 tons of relief goods to Binh Dinh and Phu Yen provinces, and relocate 146 people from flooded areas to safe places. On Nov. 6, more than 14.9 tons of relief goods was distributed in Phu Yen province.

The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) is finalizing the distribution list of education emergency supplies (recreational kits, learning and teaching materials for primary and lower secondary school students) which UNICEF supported, and plans to distribute to provinces that are affected by Typhoon Mirinae.

The Ministry of Public Security continues to direct the police in keeping law and order in the flooded and evacuated areas, and to keep traffic continuing as normal wherever possible.

CCFSC and all other departments within MARD continue to monitor the situation at all levels, and coordinate all response measures at provincial level. They provide regular reports on the situation on the ground.

Vietnam Electricity has repaired the power network in the majority of affected areas. Power in the most severely affected areas in Binh Dinh and Phu Yen will be restored soon. More than 100 workers, cranes, trucks, construction equipment, logistics and other means have been sent to Phu Yen to help restoring the electrical infrastructure.

Vietnam Television, Voice of Vietnam, and other media such as radio, national and local newspapers are regularly informed and providing updated news about the typhoon and the directions by the CCFSC.

At local level

All provinces continue to work closely with the police forces, military, search and rescue and other forces in the area to overcome the consequences of the tyhoon and consequent floods: ensure smooth traffic, relief goods distribution, waste collection, sanitation, cleaning environment, helping people cleaning and rebuilding their homes, repairing schools, restoring production and so on;

Phu Yen - Binh Dinh: electricity has been repaired, as well as clean water supply and major roads. However, some areas are still flooded and isolated. All forces continue their relief and search and rescue operations; relocating people from flooded areas, treat rescued people, arrange accommodation for those who lost their homes, organising cleaning of environment, repair homes, schools, and hospitals where floods have receded.

On Nov. 5, Phu Yen has distributed 15,000 liters of gasoline for Dong Xuan and Tuy An No districts who did not have any electricity. They also distributed 4,000 tons of rice (from central government) , 12,200 boxes of noodles and 800 boxes of pure water to 9 districts, towns and cities.

Khanh Hoa, Ninh Thuan, Gia Lai, Dak Lak: traffic is smooth and the electricity supply is back; the provinces continue to work closely with other forces to overcome the organise repair of homes, schools, waste collection, hygiene, environment, disease prevention, restoration of production.

In Gia Lai, the following support will be provided; households of which the house collapsed will get five million dong and 50kg of rice per household, of which the house was unroofed will get 2 million and 20 kg of rice per household, and of which the house was inundated will receive 1 million VND and 30 kg of rice per household.

Details about other provincial and international support will be provided soon.

International response:

The Disaster Management Working Group (DMWG) has formed rapid assessment teams that will be travelling to affected provinces from the 7th-10th of November. The teams will be reporting back from their missions tentatively on Thursday November 12th at 2 pm in COMINGO/VUFO conference hall.

The Nutrition cluster: a nutrition assessment will be conducted next week in Phu Yen province and the nutrition team will collaborate closely with the joint rapid assessment mission going to the province. Locally produced multiple micronutrient and protein sprinkles will be distributed to children, pregnant and lactating women in Phu Yen next week.

UNICEF and WHO are jointly working to support the MoH with the provision of 950,00 aquatab tablets to 7 affected provinces (Quang Ngai, Binh Dinh, Phu Yen, Khan Hoa, Gia lai, Dac Lac and Ninh Thuan). WHO is also working with MoH and Departments of affected provinces to monitor public health situation and provide technical supports if needed.

Vietnamese residents in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have donated USD 2,076 to help Vietnamese storm victims in the Central coastal and Central Highland regions. The money will be sent via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the relief fund of the Vietnam Fatherland Front.

The VNRC staff and volunteers in the field provided assistance in the severely affected provinces of Binh Dinh, Phu Yen, Khanh Hoa and Ninh Thuan; 800 household kits (cooking utensils, mosquito nets, blankets, water buckets and water containers) have been distributed to the most affected families, and VND 350,000,000 (USD 19,635) were allocated to the four provinces to be distributed directly in cash or to buy and distribute food and water.

The People's Aid Coordinating Committee (PACCOM) has sent a letter to INGOs, operating in Vietnam seeking for support to rehabilitate the livelihoods of people affected by typhoon MIRINAE. PACCOM will be the main focal point for coordination of relief support