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Viet Nam: South VN copes with tropical storm Noul

VGP - To brace for a tropical storm called Noul, Vi?t Nam's Central Committee for Storm and Flood Control (CCSFC) and National Committee for Search and Rescue (NCSR) urged the southern Central, eastern Southern and Central Highlands provinces to take prompt measures to cope with torrential rains, floods and landslide.

Noul hit the provinces in the southern Central Vi?t Nam yesterday afternoon.

Its eye swept through the southern part of Khánh Hòa Province and Ninh Thu?n Province.

The storm brought about strong winds speeding at scales 5-6, gusting at scale 8-9, and heavy rains in some places from Bình ??nh to Ninh Thu?n Provinces.

Noul weakened into a tropical depression, further moving westwards, causing strong winds at scales 5-6 and torrential rains in the Central Highlands and eastern provinces of South Vi?t Nam.

Earlier, to deal with the storm, the CCFSC issued many urgent notices requiring the provinces from Khánh Hoà to Kiên Giang to prevent all boats from going out to the sea, arranging safe anchorages, evacuating local peoples from coastal low areas or the regions where the storm eye could sweep through, and strictly monitoring water reservoirs.

In the morning of November 17, Standing Deputy PM Nguy?n Sinh Hùng directly chaired a meeting to discuss ways to cope with the storm.

At the meeting, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Cao ??c Phát reported that, right in the night of November 16, most of the localities were ready to deal with the storm by sending assistant forces to coastal districts, evacuating local peoples from dangerous areas, and calling boats in the open sea to go ashore.

Also in the Sunday night, the Ministry of National Defense dispatched two working teams to the areas hit by the storm eyes and mobilized over 1,500 soldiers to take part in the preventive work.

Deputy PM Nguy?n Sinh Hùng emphasized that all the localities which could be hit by Noul should take drastic measures to cope with the storm, prevent landslides, prepare rescue equipment, food and medicines, and protect crops.

It was reported that at least two people in Cam Ranh Town (Khánh Hòa Province) killed when Storm Noul hit the Province.

Khánh Hoà lost 80 boats and ships, including 42 in Ninh Hoà District and 38 in Nha Trang City. Some houses in Khánh S?n District were unroofed.

In Phú Yên Province, at 01 PM yesterday, 200m3 of soil and rock slid down onto the North-South railway route at the C? Pass.

Heavy rains also caused eight sites of landslides along the road through C? Pass, leading to traffic jam for hours.

A strong whirlwind unroofed over 40 houses in Hòa Hi?p B?c Commune, injured a person, and uprooted many trees, breaking many electric lines. Since November 16, Phú Yên suffered bucketing rains. Water rose up high in many rivers.

Due to Storm Noul, Ninh Thu?n saw heavy nonstop rains for 12 hours, with the rainfall of over 200mm. Some roads in Phan Rang-Tháp Chàm City were flooded

By Xuân H?ng