Viet Nam

Viet Nam: Providing School Supplies To Children In Flood Stricken Areas

Reported by Linda Dorman, World Vision.
With the flood water almost completely receded, World Vision staff are now able to reach most areas of Central Vietnam which were deluged by floods at the beginning of November. Flood waters reached up to 4 metres high in some parts of Central Vietnam, where today, people are cleaning up the mess and rebuilding their lives. As part of the continuing relief assistance, World Vision Vietnam staff are beginning to focus on the rehabilitation needs of school children in local communities.

There were 10,000 World Vision sponsored children in 20 projects which were affected by the record floods that swept over the central provinces of Vietnam at the beginning of November. The children of this area were flooded out of their schools for 10 days. Although students have returned to school, many found their schools in very bad condition. Desks have been washed away, and notebooks and textbooks destroyed.

According to Diep Nguyen Hoang, World Vision Vietnam Relief Co-ordinator, the government is simply unable to keep up with the needs of schools and school children as they seek to rebuild. World Vision is planning to start distributing notebooks, textbooks, and school bags to students in the 15 districts of the worst affected area. In some cases, World Vision Vietnam is also planning to help renovate classrooms which were heavily saturated in the flood.

Immediately following the rains, World Vision Vietnam began providing relief assistance of drinking water and food items in to families in 3 provinces. Now in the rehabilitation phase of the flood relief project, staff are planning to distribute roofing materials to 300 families in 7 districts of central Vietnam. Agricultural provisions of seeds and rice are also to be distributed to 1000 families living in the same 7 district area.

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