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Viet Nam: Floods Emergency appeal No. MDRVN005 Operations update No. 3

Situation Report
Originally published


GLIDE FF-2008-000211-VNM

Period covered by this Operations Update: 6 December 2008 to 15 January 2009

Appeal target (current): CHF 4,779,037 (USD 4.07 million or EUR 3.17 million)

Appeal coverage: 45.62%. Funds are urgently needed to enable the Viet Nam Red Cross to provide assistance to those affected.

Appeal history:

This emergency appeal was launched on 12 November 2008 for CHF 4,779,037 (USD 4.07 million or EUR 3.17 million) to support the Viet Nam Red Cross (VNRC) to assist 293,860 beneficiaries (70,000 households) for 10 months.


Those affected, especially in the villages, are slowly adapting to make ends meet. In many areas, villagers have planted potatoes while awaiting the February crop, while others continue looking for work as construction workers, dockhands, or household help.

In Hanoi and surrounding areas, villagers showed a great and rapid sense of self-initiated recovery and entrepreneurship following the disaster. They immediately began replanting flowers and short growth-cycle vegetables with the hopes of earning an income from vegetable and flower sales, the prices of which soared since the floods occurred. However, their expectations were not met; due to the resulting surplus in supply of these items, prices plunged to an extent greater than expected. As such, the villagers are unable to cover their labour and production costs, let alone enhance their capacity to generate income.

This appeal still seeks assistance to fill this gap of rebuilding sustainable sources of income for communities.

As of 15 January, 6,500 kitchen sets, 22,000 blankets and 22,000 mosquito nets have been distributed to affected people in 17 provinces.

The process to procure 2,100 tonnes of rice has started. It is expected that this procurement will be completed by the end of January, and distribution can start in February.

The timing of this procurement is expected to fit in well with forthcoming needs when food (mainly, rice) will very likely be running short at this time of the year, pending the next harvest. In the meantime, the government has decided to support each flood-affected family with 23.5 kilogrammes of rice per person before the lunar new year in late January.

Over the course of this operation, the Federation continues to support the coordination and management role of the VNRC headquarters as well as to ensure the Movement's Fundamental Principles are reflected at all levels, including the grassroots.

To date, American Red Cross, British Red Cross, Canadian Red Cross/government, Finnish Red Cross, Japanese Red Cross, Monaco Red Cross, Netherlands Red Cross/government, Swedish Red Cross/government, the Norwegian embassy and USAID have pledged to contribute to this appeal. Bilateral support includes Australia Red Cross, German Red Cross/government and Swiss Red Cross.

The International Federation, on behalf of the Viet Nam Red Cross, would like to thank all partners for their response to this appeal to date.