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Viet Nam: Floods Emergency appeal n° MDRVN007 Operations update n° 4 – Six-month consolidated report

Situation Report
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Period covered by this operations update: 18 October 2010 – 18 April 2011

Appeal target (current): CHF 1,070,620

Appeal coverage: To date, this appeal is 99% covered

Appeal history:

• 18 April 2011: The operational timeframe of this emergency appeal is extended to 31 July 2011 with a revision of the appeal budget to adjust to the revised plan of action. The appeal target remains as before.
• 25 February 2011: This emergency appeal is revised to CHF 1,070,620 without change to the operational timeframe.
• 18 October 2010: This emergency appeal for CHF 1,034,754 was launched to assist 120,000 beneficiaries (some 28,500 families) for six months.
• Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF): CHF 155,064 was allocated on 8 October 2010 to support the national society in its immediate response


From the onset of the floods on 8 October 2010 to date, the Viet Nam Red Cross (VNRC) from national headquarters to community level has provided emergency relief and services in kind and cash to 36,400 families (some 152,985 people) under this emergency appeal. In Ha Tinh and Quang Binh provinces, VNRC staff and volunteers distributed 120 tonnes of rice to 18,418 people (some 4,380 households) in Ha Tinh, while 99 tonnes of rice were distributed to 12,000 people (3,300 households) in Quang Binh. Transport and distribution costs were also covered by this emergency appeal. A total of VND 5.4 billion (CHF 241,9213) cash for food to 38,208 people (51 per cent of whom are women) in 10,274 households to buy food and other basic needs in the three provinces of Nghe An, Ha Tinh and Quang Binh.

VNRC also distributed 3,500 household kits and 5,800 boxes of water purification tablets to an equal number of affected households (approximately 35,700 people altogether) in Nghe An, Ha Tinh and Quang Binh provinces.
This emergency appeal also covered delivery costs of distribution for a further 10,000 household kits to 10,000 families. As many as 3,000 households comprising some 12,139 members (53 per cent women) in the three provinces mentioned above also received cash grants of VND 2.1 billion from VNRC as livelihood support by end-January 2011 to buy seeds and fertilizers. Up to 250 VNRC staff and volunteers received refresher training on cash grant guidelines and needs assessments. This intervention was undertaken according to the VNRC needs assessment and recommendation of a cash grant to farmers to recover their livelihoods following the emergency market analysis mapping done by DMWG in Quang Binh in December 2010.

The timeframe of this emergency appeal is now being extended a further three months to end in July 2011. This is to accommodate:

  1. Disaster preparedness objectives of this appeal which are not yet complete;

  2. A balance surplus in the appeal4 which has been used to add to the capacity building objectives, and is yet to be utilized; and,

  3. A revision of several activities and the plan of action with VNRC over the next three months.

The key revision in the plan of action is the purchase of equipment such as water treatment units, and transportation means; as well as capacity building for VNRC staff and volunteers in psychosocial support, water and sanitation emergency training, and further strengthening the national disaster response mechanism of the VNRC.

The VNRC chapters of Quang Binh and Ha Tinh are also consolidating recovery actions funded by the European Commission Humanitarian Aid department (DG ECHO) through a consortium of the French, German and Netherlands Red Cross societies. The chapters’ endeavours also include response supported by local contributions for the procurement of cows, seeds, and fertilizers; and for the reconstruction of houses which are not covered under this emergency appeal.

To date, partners contributing to this appeal include American Red Cross/American government, Australian Red Cross/Australian government, British Red Cross, Canadian Red Cross/Canadian government, Hong Kong branch of Red Cross Society of China, Japanese Red Cross Society, Monaco Red Cross, New Zealand Red Cross/New Zealand government, and Swedish Red Cross/Swedish government. Contributions have also been received from the Italian government and private sector donors.

On behalf of Viet Nam Red Cross, IFRC would like to thank all partners and donors for their timely and invaluable contributions.