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Viet Nam, Flooding in Muong Lat District, Thanh Hoa (TC Cempaka) (24 Jul 2021)

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Mường Lát


On the morning of July 24, Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Muong Lat district (Thanh Hoa province) Hoang Van Dung said that in the past two days in the district, there was heavy rain due to the influence of the weakening tropical depression from Typhoon Cempaka. Assessing the complicated flood situation, the district government evacuated 305 households with about 1,400 people to a safe place.

Accordingly, the communes of Muong Lat that had to be evacuated included: Muong Ly, Trung Ly, Pu Nhi, Muong Chanh and Tam Chung.

Flooding caused some damage in Muong Lat. On the afternoon of July 23, floods poured into Sim stream, passing through Quang Chieu commune, swept away the temporary bridge from Pung village to three hamlets, Suoi Tut and Con Dao villages, making it difficult for nearly 180 households to travel. The government has sent people to guard, not allowing people and vehicles to pass.