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Viet Nam, Flooding, Landslide, Wind and Storm in Northern and Central Viet Nam (TC Dianmu) (23 Sep 2021)

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Bình Định, Hoà Bình, Nghệ An


Flood situation: Back home: 2,725 houses in Nghe An were flooded, of which 298 houses were flooded over 70cm deep and had to be relocated (Quynh Luu 266, Nghia Dan 32). Regarding traffic: on September 25, there were 147 locations of roads, overflowing underground, impassable (Thanh Hoa 42, Nghe An 69, Ha Tinh 24, Quang Binh 12); By the morning of September 26 in Ha Tinh and Quang Binh, the water had receded and was able to walk; Thanh Hoa still has 04 flooded underground positions; Nghe An has 20 flooded positions.

Irrigation Reservoir:

- The North Central region has 2,323 lakes, reaching from 46-89% of the DT, some reservoirs are storing high water such as: Thung Bang lake 101%, Cong Khe 102%, Hao Hao 108%; Cua Ong Lake 117%, Nha Tro 105%, Quynh Tam 102%.

+ Thanh Hoa province: 324/610 lakes are full of water.

+ Nghe An province: 88/1,061 lakes are full of water, of which Song Sao lake discharges 350m3/s; Vuc Mau Lake 500m3/s.

- The South Central region has 517 reservoirs, reaching from 22-63% of the DT, the Central Highlands has 1,246 lakes, reaching from 63-89% of the DT, some reservoirs are holding high water, Phuc Tho 103%, Da Teh 127% (Lam Dong). ; Nam Da 106%, Dak Rtang 104%, Dak Nang 100% (Dak Nong).

Hydroelectric reservoirs in the basins of the Central, Central Highlands and Southeast

There are 220 reservoirs that update information and flow on hydropower reservoirs in the following regions: the North, the Central Highlands, the water level increases; Southeast, Central Coast, water level fluctuates slightly; The North Central Coast fluctuates slightly, the water level of the lakes is low, some lakes are close to the dead water level, the lakes are operating normally, specifically as follows:

- Northern region: There are 16 reservoirs operating and regulating over the spillway, discharge/reservoir flow (m3/s): Bao Lam 3: 10/52; Nam Ho: 13/17; Muong Hum: 26/59; Nam Ly 1: 6/7; Nam Pung: 8/11; Nam Tha 4: 6/7; Nam Tha 5: 8/10; Nam Tha 6: 10/12; Nam Toong:6/16; Nam Xay Luong: 23/23; Nam Xay Luong 3: 9/9; Silver River: 16/42; Mien River 5: 13/78; Thai An: 45/45.

- Central region and Central Highlands: There are 40 reservoirs operating and regulating over the spillway, discharge/reservoir flow (m3/s): A Luoi: 55/98; Ba Thuoc: 153/885; Chi Khe: 222/703; Da Krong 1: 6/44; Ho Ho: 110/156; Hua Na: 8/650; Nam Pong: 76/97; Swallow Crane: 154/184; Dak Mi 3: 116/148; Dak Mi 4a: 51/156; Ba Ha River: 100/520; Song Tranh 2: 6/163; Za Hung: 39/89.

- Southeast region: There are 02 reservoirs operating and regulating over the spillway, discharge/reservoir flow (m3/s): Dak Glun: 60/99; Srok Phu Mieng: 82/464.

Damage situation:

According to the report of the VPTT, the Steering Committees for Disaster Prevention and Control and the Prevention and Control of localities, as of 19:00 on September 25, 2021, storm No. 6 and floods have caused damage as follows:

- About people: 03 people are missing (Binh Dinh: 02 fishermen from fishing boat BD 91549 TS; Nghe An: 01 fisherman, fell into the river and was washed away); 3 people were injured.

- Going home: 118 damaged houses, roofs removed (Phu Tho: 01, Ha Tinh: 31, Quang Binh 03, Quang Tri: 15, Quang Nam 34, Quang Ngai 34); relocate 13 houses in landslide risk area (Nghe An 09, Thanh Hoa 04).

- Regarding agriculture: 849ha of rice collapsed [2] ; 2,525ha of crops were damaged [3] ; 5,402 cattle and poultry died.

- Education: 05 schools have fallen fences (Phu Tho 02, Quang Nam 03).

- Traffic: 54 landslide points (Hoa Binh 04, Thanh Hoa 13, Nghe An 06, Ha Tinh 01, Quang Binh 07, Quang Tri 01, Kon Tum 20, Quang Nam 02). By the morning of September 26, there were still 02 traffic jams at Km 82+300, National Highway 8A (Huong Son, Ha Tinh) and Phuoc Son (Quang Nam), currently the locality is urgently fixing the route.