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Viet Nam, Flood, Landslides, and Storms in Tay Giang, Quang Nam (06:00 Sep 22 2020)

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The entire national grid system in the area of ​​H. Tay Giang is paralyzed from September 18 to September 21, only to overcome and energize for living in the lowland communes of the district. Currently, the electricity industry is working to overcome energizing in upland communes, it is expected that by September 22, it will completely energize the district, in order to serve production and daily life for the people. Estimated damage is more than 3 billion.

The entire traffic route DT 606, and the inter-district university road as well as the route to the highland border area and the rural roads in the 10 communes were landslides on negative talus, talus, many sections broken, completely isolated, dividing the whole district, especially the road to 4 upland communes. Currently, the route from Ho Chi Minh road to the district center is over 14 km and is concentrating human resources and means to clear the route on the remaining roads. Particularly for some broken concrete and suspension bridges, the district is looking for timely measures for people to travel and transport goods.

Through the initial inspection, the route DT606, landslide caused traffic congestion from Ho Chi Minh road to the district center and to upland communes with a length of more than 50km, about over 300,000 m3 of soil and rock poured down the road surface. , especially the section to upland communes, some of the roads are broken and the total landslide is over 1,500 meters.

Inter-commune university routes, landslides cause traffic jams, with a volume of about 200,000 m3 of rocky soil, some routes are broken about 2,000m, 12,200m of vertical ditches buried, faulty, 87 buried sewers damaged, 8 sluices landslide, 1 last ban bridge completely drifted, reinforced concrete bridge abutments were damaged seriously. Commune roads and rural transport, landslide 120,200 m3 of rock, 3,800m of ditches buried, 8 round culverts landslide, 5 suspension bridges were swept away, 1 suspension bridge is tilted and many suspension bridges are damaged bridge abutment.

The value of the damage in the transport sector is estimated at about 126 billion dong.

Irrigation system, most of the works were landslide, flooding, flooding the canal, pipeline, with the number of 70 works, estimated damage of 15 billion VND. The water system for domestic use, most of the projects were landslides, flooding and filling, swept away the pipeline, landslides in reservoirs, with the number of 91 projects / 115 residential points, estimated damage of 12 billion VND. The school system, the total number of classrooms flooded 41 rooms / 10 school sites, 2 kitchens and washed away many of the water pipes serving cooking for students at the schools, estimated damage is about 3.2 billion VND.

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Country: Vietnam

Affected Area / Region: Tay Giang, Qang Nam



Damaged educational facilities (e.g. schools): 10 Damaged infrastructure (e.g. road, water network): 2 km of roads, 87 sewers damaged, 8 sluices, 8 round culverts, 6 bridges damaged

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