Viet Nam: Flash report No. 367 - 1st December 2006

from Government of Viet Nam
Published on 01 Dec 2006
I. Situation of typhoon Durian:

The typhoon center was at 13.50 N latitude and 120.60 E longitude at 4 am the 1st December 2006. The strongest wind force at the near typhoon center was at Beaufort Scale 12, 13, gusting above Scale 13 (approximately 118 to 149 km per hour)

As forecasted, the typhoon would move to the West and North West within next 24 to 48 hours, with its speed of 15 km per hour.

The typhoon center would be at 13.80 N latitude and 117.80 E longitude at 4 am the 2nd December 2006. The strong wind scale reaches 250 to 300 km.

The typhoon center would be at 14.30N latitude, 115.5 0E longitude, away from Hoang Sa Island approximately 470 km in the Southeast. The strong wind Scale reaches 200 to 250 km.

II. Preparedness with the typhoon No. 9

1. Central level

- CCFSC and National Committee for Search and Rescue sent the Urgent Telegraph No. 2 dated 30 November, 2006 to CFSC and search and rescue of coastal provinces/ cities from Quang Ninh to Ca Mau and Kien Giang; and CFSCs of Ministries and sectors to direct the preparedness with the typhoon:

- Inform dangerous area from latitude 12 to 17 and from longitude 115 to Philippines Island to boats and ships owners fishing offshore rapidly escape from the dangerous area

- 28 coastal provinces/ cities should confirm number of boats/ ships fishing offshore:

+ Number of boats and ships are at sea

+ Number of boats and ships are in dangerous area

+ Number of boats and ships are in dangerous area but could not contact

+ Regularly report information to CCFSC

- CFSC and Search and Rescue of provinces/ cities should report to Chairman of PPC and cities the content of this Telegraph to direct.

- Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent the Diplomatic Notes to other Nations in the Region request them to help Vietnamese fishermen.

- Others Ministries and Sectors are in effort to implement the preparedness to the typhoon.

2. Local level

- 29 coastal provinces/ cities from Quang Ninh to Ca Mau and Kien Giang, Long An are in effort to respond to the typhoon, confirm the number of boats, ships and fishermen fishing offshore to report to the CCFSC.

Result of implementation

As of 6 am the 1st December, total number of boats and ships are operating at sea were 14.585 in which:

- No. of boats and ships are in dangerous areas (including Tra Sa and Hoang Sa Islands) was 82, there was 883 fishermen on these ships/ boats, namely:

+ Quang Ngai Province: 36 ships/ boats with 491 fishermen are fishing in the area of Hoang Sa and Truong Sa Islands in which 1 ships has not contacted yet.

+ Khanh Hoa Province: 46 ships/ boats with 409 fishermen, in which 1 ship has not contacted yet.

- 42 boats/ ships with 116 fishermen are fishing near shore has not contacted yet (these people in Ninh Binh province).


- The typhoon will cross East Sea with its Beaufort Scale 12

- Safety for fishermen, particularly boats/ ships fishing offshore are in danger

- Continue to confirm dangerous areas to direct timely

- It is enough time for Boats/ ships fishing in the area of Hoang Sa Island to escape from this area

- Supervise and speed up Local Authorities to assign officials to be on duty during 24 hours (some Localities are subjective, officials are on duty do not present regularly at the office, particularly provinces without boats/ ships fishing offshore)