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Viet Nam: Diseases threaten Hanoi in post-flood era

"Some places in the city are serious flooded. Rubbish is not collected and is beginning to smell. An outbreak of cholera, typhoid, and eye diseases is huge," said Hanoi Health Department's Director Le Anh Tuan on Thursday.

The Hanoi Department of Health on Thursday said that 112 cases of dengue fever were recorded from October 31 to November 6 in the city, including 20 in Hoang Mai District. Many places in Hoang Mai district are still flooded right now.

Tuan said there are no epidemics reported in the capital city. Some big hospitals like Bach Mai and the Central Hospital for Tropical Contagious Diseases received 30-40 patients daily who had fever but they were not dengue fever patients.

However, Tuan said it is highly possible for a boom of red-eye, dengue fever, cholera, and skin diseases in the city because of pollution caused by the flood. He said it is dangerous that water in some places began smelling.

The Hanoi Department of Health has prepared a large volume of medicines for these diseases and serum for snakebites.

The Hanoi authorities have granted the health department an additional of VND2.8 billion ($165,000) to control post-flood diseases.

Ngo Thi Thanh Hang, Hanoi's Vice Chairwoman, said it is forecasted that it may rain in the next few days and flooding would become more serious in some places, causing environmental pollution.

Health Minister Nguyen Quoc Trieu told the health sector to campaign local people to practice hygienic methods.

According to experts, without more rain, Hanoi will still be flooded for a few more days. If rain of 100mm comes under the forecast, flooding will continue two more days, said Cao Duc Phat, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Head of the Central Steering Committee for Flood and Storm Control. Phat asked Hanoi to prepare for preventing further flooding and vehicles serving flood victims.