Viet Nam

Viet Nam: Appeal No. MAAVN001 - Annual Report 2008


This report covers the period 1 January 2008 to 31 December 2008

In brief

Programme purpose: The support to the Viet Nam Red Cross (VNRC) focuses on three main areas:

- Strengthen the VNRC's capacity to continue implementation of sustainable initiatives that reduce losses and effects from disasters.

- VNRC delivers quality health and care programmes and services that address the needs of vulnerable people in Viet Nam.

- VNRC is a strong, relevant and well-functioning national society that is more effective at all levels, thus providing better service to vulnerable people. Programme(s) summary: Major activities implemented in the past year have been around disaster preparedness through mangrove plantation, community-based first aid, avian influenza, and finance development, which received funding for 2008. Organizational development was integrated into disaster management and health and care programmes, focusing on building capacity on evaluation, creating more interactions among the headquarter's technical departments and the chapters, and strengthening coordination and ownership of the national society to cope with low response from donor to this component.

With three presentations delivered by the International Federation in the VNRC's board meeting in July and branch managers meetings in October, the VNRC's board members and branch managers have embraced more concepts and enhanced understanding of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement, the definition of the Red Cross Red Crescent role as auxiliary to the government, and international disaster response law. It has taken some time for this training to be carried out, but understanding of the Movement and related guidelines have been better conceived, thus forging a departure point for more professional and better quality Red Cross service to the vulnerable people.

Financial situation: The total 2008 budget is CHF 1,573,266 (USD 1,392,885 or EUR 1,042,220), of which 42 per cent is covered. Expenditure overall was 36 per cent.

Our partners: Multilateral partners who have supported VNRC include: German Red Cross, Japanese Red Cross, Liechtenstein Red Cross, Netherlands Red Cross, New Zealand Red Cross, Norwegian Red Cross, and Swedish Red Cross. VNRC has also been supported bilaterally by American Red Cross, French Red Cross, Italian Red Cross, Spanish Red Cross and Swiss Red Cross. VNRC has also been working with government departments, namely in health and disasters, as well as UN agencies, such as UNICEF, and non-governmental organizations.