Viet Nam

USAID-supported private clinics deploy COVID-19 vaccines in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

With just 2% of Vietnam’s 98 million people fully immunized against COVID-19, rapid vaccine roll-out is a top priority for the country as it faces a devastating new surge of the virus. Since being invited by the HCMC Department of Health (DOH) in July to support the city’s vaccine roll-out. Galant, a key population-led social enterprise clinic supported by USAID’s Healthy Markets project, has delivered more than 35,000 vaccines (including to more than 200 people living with HIV). Hanoi DOH recently followed suit, recruiting Healthy Markets’ private polyclinic partner, Bien Viet, to deliver vaccines to approximately 1,000 people between August 12 and 18. Bien Viet awaits the next round of mobilization to support vaccine delivery in Hanoi.

While the COVID response has largely been in the public health sector, USAID supported key-population-led private sector clinics are enabling Vietnam to expand the speed and reach of its COVID-19 vaccine rollout, including for people living with HIV.