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UNICEF Flood Assistance to Vietnam

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UNICEF Viet Nam has provided over US $100,000 worth of assistance to the people of central Viet Nam following the worst floods in a century.
The death toll from the central coast stands at 574 with 49 people still reported missing. At least 70 children have died and hundreds orphaned following the worst floods in a century which affected eight provinces of Central Vietnam.

According to official sources, 1,3 million people are hungry and 204 people were injured. The material loss is estimated to reach over 265 million dollars. 500 hospitals and medical clinics had also been destroyed along with scores of schools and kindergartens. More than 830,000 homes are reported to be damaged or destroyed.

The outbreak of epidemics remains a threat, according to the Ministry of Health, especially diarrhea. The Deputy Health Minister has not ruled out the possibility of an outbreak of cholera. There were more than 150 cases of diarrhea in one village he visited in the Province of Quang Tri.

In one Province - Thua Tien Hue - only 30 per cent of pupils have returned to school. It is estimated that the province alone needs 2,7 million notebooks and 2,1 million textbooks.

All levels of the society, from individuals to mass organisations, from the Army to high officials and Party members were massively mobilised for the relief operation. International organisations and Governments also contributed to the emergency.

All in all, UNICEF Viet Nam was able to mobilise 111,000 USD as follows:

Phase 1: UNICEF immediately released 51,000 USD in two stages to the Vietnamese Red Cross through the IFRC. Money has been quickly and efficiently channeled. Food (instant noodles), blankets and other urgently required relief items were distributed by Red Cross volunteers and Army.

Phase 2: Based on requests from our "traditional partners" -- Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Training, and Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, -- UNICEF released 60,000 USD more.

a/ To the Ministry of Health for disbursement of purchases of 500,000 doses of ORS (from Nha Trang). About 20,000 USD -- to be released soon

b/ To the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) for repairing dug wells and other needs based on MARD requirements. 20,000 USD already released.

c/ To the MOET for some urgent rehabilitation/repair of some kindergartens, and provision of some school supplies (notebooks and so on). To be done soon, 20,000 USD.

All in all, UNICEF Viet Nam=C6s response will be 111,000 USD ( 51,000 USD + 60,000 USD). UNICEF was on of the first UN agencies to help the Government in this relief operation.