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UMCOR Hotline 5 Jan 2010: Vietnam, Kenya

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Typhoon Ketsana destroyed, damaged or flooded more than 396,000 homes across the Central and Central Highland areas of Vietnam in late September. 73,466 hectares of crops are presumed lost and more than 356,000 people have been evacuated from their homes. The loss of food, shelter and income has devastated the most vulnerable including elderly people and vulnerable children.

UMCOR is supporting Bring Hope to Vietnam's Typhoon and Flood Victims, a program of the Vietnam's Mission Initiative, to provide food relief and material goods to 1,000 people who have lost homes, crops and sources of income. About 100 people throughout 12 Vietnam provinces will receive much-needed household kits that include kitchen utensils, blankets, and treated mosquito nets.

You can help provide relief for vulnerable families in Vietnam with your gifts to International Disaster Response, UMCOR Advance #982450


In the Nyanza province of Kenya, 90 percent of the population experiences extreme food shortages and poverty. About five percent of the people die each day.

UMCOR has partnered with the Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation Program for Nyanza Province, a project of the United Methodist Church in Central Nyanza, to provide food relief to 20,000 malnourished children, the elderly and disabled, expecting mothers, widows, and internally displaced persons.

Relief supplies including 40,000 bags of maize, 20,000 bags of beans, and 160,000 liters of oil are purchased locally in Nairobi and will be distributed to vulnerable communities in the Central Nyanza district through March, 2010.

Support this work by giving to World Hunger and Poverty, UMCOR Advance #982920.