Viet Nam

Typhoon Damrey Early Recovery Analysis Report: Viet Nam 2017 [EN/VI]


This typhoon Damrey Early Recovery analysis report is the product of active collaboration between UNDP and Government of Viet Nam’s newly established Viet Nam Disaster Management Authority. It builds on findings from an inter-agency early recovery rapid assessment conducted shortly after Typhoon Damrey but also draws on data and analysis from many experts and agencies operating at all levels.

The report provides a preliminary analysis of damages and early recovery needs for the nine most affected provinces. It gives a snap-shot of how this typhoon impacted lives and livelihoods and how impacts were spread across key sectors, how impacts varied across provinces and at how men and women, and people from different age or other groups were differently impacted.

Recovery assistance and resilience planning is rightly becoming an increasing priority for the Government of Viet Nam. Relief action, and the repair of roads, bridges, schools, upgrading of river control and irrigation systems is important, but this needs to be complemented by more effective and targeted support to those most impacted by the disaster- with an emphasis on reaching poor and marginalized groups. Well planned action today to ensure that plans, programs, policies, systems and capacities are developed with the active involvement of key stakeholders, including communities, can reduce suffering and save money in the future.