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Southeast Asia Appeal no. MAA51001 Programme Update No. 2


In brief

Programme purpose: To coordinate and support International Federation (i.e. secretariat and partner national societies) efforts to assist host national societies to scale up their work in line with the Global Agenda.

Summary: The Southeast Asia team based in Bangkok has:

- Strategically supported and guided country office teams (Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, Timor- Leste, Thailand, and Viet Nam);

- Provided technical support to national societies with no secretariat country presence;

- Strengthened institutional memory and the sharing of good practice and lessons learnt;

- Coordinated Red Cross Red Crescent Movement work in the region within the Federation mandate, including strengthening relations with partner national societies.

The needs of Southeast Asian national societies are better understood and appropriate support at country level is evident. Regional network capacities and partnership relations, both within and outside the Movement, have improved. The stronger focus of the organizational development forum, the ART HIV/AIDS network and the Southeast Asia leaders' forum are three examples. The second half of the year was dominated in many respects by the response and recovery operation in the wake of the devastating Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar. Major support was provided to Myanmar Red Cross and all Movement partners. To view more extensive operation reports on this, please click here.

In 2009, the regional team will strengthen its approach to communicating with all interested Movement partners. The ad hoc and piecemeal approach of the past, while in some ways adequate at times, has not contributed enough to providing more information and opportunities to supporting vulnerable people. The 2008 component of the plan has been revised downwards (see below) reflecting both regional programme capacity to deliver and national society capacity to receive planned support.

Financial situation: The total appeal for 2008 has been revised to CHF 3,549,061 (USD 2,951,181 or EUR 2,277.302) and covered up to 101 per cent. Overall expenditure from January to October 2008 stands at 46.2 per cent.

No. of people we help: The programme supports the 11 national societies of Southeast Asia, who, in turn, work with millions of people. The plan also supports Red Cross Red Crescent partners active in the region.

Our partners: The primary partners are the 11 Southeast Asian national societies as well as relevant government ministries, such as health and disaster management bodies. Within the Movement, there has been strong and loyal support from multilateral supporters, which include: Australian Red Cross/Australian government, Austrian Red Cross, Finnish Red Cross, German Red Cross, Hong Kong branch of China Red Cross, Italian Red Cross, Japanese Red Cross, Norwegian Red Cross/Norwegian government, Netherlands Red Cross, New Zealand Red Cross, Swedish Red Cross/government, capacity building fund (CBF), and disaster relief emergency fund (DREF). Outside of the Movement, UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA - through the Inter Agency Standing Committee), UNESCAP, WHO and several UN agencies are important partners in addition to non-government organizations, such as CARE and Oxfam.